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tweaked script to use the version of git from the currently selected xcode #3

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Stacksmith built for me with this minor tweak...


Thanks, I've modified your code slightly and applied it to the build_docs scripts in some of the targets as well.

@uliwitness uliwitness closed this
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@@ -40,8 +40,12 @@
echo -n "note: Finding revision in "
-revnum=`/usr/local/git/bin/git rev-list HEAD | /usr/bin/wc -l | tr -d ' '`
-fullrevnum=`/usr/local/git/bin/git rev-parse HEAD`
+xcode=`xcode-select --print-path`
+revnum=`$git rev-list HEAD | /usr/bin/wc -l | tr -d ' '`
+fullrevnum=`$git rev-parse HEAD`
builddate=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
# Now write the constant declaration to the file:
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