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UKPrefsPanel 0.4.1


A simple delegate class to allow for easy creation of a simple "Preferences"
window with several panes and a toolbar at the top where you can select between
the various panes. Like the one in "Safari", without the Table of Contents
section that can be found in "System Preferences".

This is supposed to be a very simple implementation. If you want more complex
stuff, you'll probably want to use the preference panel stuff from OmniGroup or
other authors.

I'd be interested in any changes you make to this code.


(c) 2003-07 by M. Uli Kusterer. You may redistribute, modify, use in
commercial products free of charge, however distributing modified copies
requires that you clearly mark them as having been modified by you, while
maintaining the original markings and copyrights. I don't like getting bug
reports about code I wasn't involved in.

I'd also appreciate if you gave credit in your app's about screen or a similar
place. A simple "Thanks to M. Uli Kusterer" is quite sufficient.
Also, I rarely turn down any postcards, gifts, complementary copies of
applications etc.


See UKPrefsPanel.h for a description how this is used.

	2007-06-03	UK	0.4.1	- Fixed destructor to call dealloc. Why do I always
								forget to do that?
	2005-02-24  UK  0.4		- Fixed docs, made sure newest version is up (SVN revision 79).
	2003-11-25  UK  0.3		- Fixed a memory leak.
	2003-11-24  UK  0.2		- Added fancy Panther selection indicator, cleaned up
								a little, fixed a bug with windows without a title,
								added auto-saving of last selected preferences panel.
	2003-06-30  UK  0.1		- First public release.


Get the newest version at
E-Mail me at witness (at) zathras (dot) de

"The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."
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