I've added another screensaver, and made it randomly choose between the two. #1

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(There's yet another I plan on adding, too. And I'll be glad to clean up the serpinski.html file before you pull, if you'ld like.)




I'm not sure I want to accept this commit. I see the use of randomizing URLs to use, but this project really is called WebSaver. The intention is to have URLs on the web somewhere that show live data or so as the screen saver. I don't want this to become a screensaver collection inside a screensaver. Also, I dislike how all the screen savers are now built in to WebSaver. The fallback page was really only a placeholder so you can test it with something and see it works.

However, if you wanted to modify this so the UI can accept several URLs entered by the user, anyone could enter the URL (even file:// URL) of one of your screensaver pages, that they can maybe get from another repository. Would that be an acceptable compromise for you?


Yeah, that's a reasonable approach to take.

I don't think I'll make that UI change anytime soon (since I don't really need it), but I'll throw the urls for my screensavers up at http://bwinton.github.com/WebSaver/ if you want to point people there for other screensavers.

(Perhaps instead of the random choice of a list of urls, I'll make another page which randomly redirects.)


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