MT7610U driver for linux, do rework for upstream
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ulli-kroll always init_completion() in mt7610u_mcu_init_cmd_msg()
Signed-off-by: Hans Ulli Kroll <>
Latest commit 5d16d86 Mar 26, 2018

MT7610U for Linux

Tested with latest -stable, v4.15.6

Driver for 802.11ac USB Adapter with
MT7610U/MT7630u/MT7650u chipset
Only STA/Monitor Mode is supported, no AP.

At least v4.0 is needed to compile this module
sorry people with older kernels, the code is removed.

Currently tested on X86_64 platform(s) only,
cross compile possible.

For compiling type
in source dir

To install the firmware files
sudo make installfw

For install the driver use
sudo insmod mt7610u.ko

To Unload driver you may need to disconnect the device

If the driver fails building consult your distro how to
install the kernel sources and build an external module.

Questions about this will silently ignored !
They are plenty information around the web.


The original driver is PITA
Both mt7610u and mt7612u can work with the same driver.
but currently dont't

Code which is missing in one driver, may found in the other driver.
i.e STA, AP, Monitor, RSSI, LED handling stuff

Driver works fine (some sort of)
Most of the work is done is cleaning the driver and make this mess readable for conversion.
Updates for wireless-ext/cfg80211 are not accepted.
The only solution is uptream and this is mac80211 support.

NOTES for an/ac only devices (5GHz)

Sitecom, Develo and TP-LLink released a 5GHz only device
0x7392:0xc711 Devolo Wifi ac Stick
0x0df6:0x0079 Sitecom Europe B.V. ac Stick
0x2357:0x0105 TP-LINK Archer T1U
which are also supported, but currenty the driver will
scan the missing 2.4GHz band too.


  • remove stupid endianess with device descriptors
  • fix 5GHz only device
  • fix unloading driver (fixed ?)
  • do more function typesafe
  • check for wrong typecasts
  • remove/strip hardcoded RT2870STA.dat
  • check for wrong variable sizes (driver was for 32bit)
  • update to more USB-IDs
  • check if monitor mode is working
  • more cleanup and other stuff
  • fix compile warnings
  • misc. other stuff

Hans Ulli Kroll