Classify 43 sign types using keras and tensorflow on German traffic sign dataset
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Traffic sign classifier

Classify Traffic Signs from German Traffic Sign Data set. Each image is 32x32 pixels and belongs to one of 43 classes. Training and inference are achieved using Keras with either Tensorflow or Theano as backend. The data set (124 MB) is downloaded automatically and consists of three parts: train, valid, test.

70 178 195 323 987


You can start by running the inference script to make sure that prerequisites are correctly installed. Commands should be run in Terminal (macOS/Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) unless otherwise specified.


Perform inference using existing pre-trained model.



Train new model from scratch.


Tensorboard visualization

In project root directory, run

tensorboard --logdir=logdir

In browser, navigate to



Version numbers below are of confirmed working releases for this project.

python 3.6.5
keras 2.2.2   
numpy 1.14.3
pandas 0.23.4
pillow 5.1.0
scikit-learn 0.19.1
scipy 1.1.0
tensorflow 1.10.1
tensorflow-tensorboard 1.10.0
tqdm 4.26.0

Installation using Anaconda

It is recommended to use a virtual environment so that python packages can be easily managed. Instructions for installation using Anaconda will make it easier to prepare your environment for this project.

  1. Install Anaconda Python 3

  2. Add Anaconda directories to PATH as necessary (e.g. for Windows: Anaconda3, Anaconda3\Scripts)

  3. Create environment conda create -n traffic_signs

  4. Activate environment

    • Windows: activate traffic_signs
    • Mac/Linux: source activate traffic_signs
  5. Install packages

    pip install keras scikit-learn tensorflow pandas tqdm pillow

  6. [Optional] Save model diagram (Ubuntu, macOS)

    macOS: brew install graphviz
    Ubuntu: apt install graphviz
    pip install graphviz pydot