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OpenID Connect implementation in OCaml. Currently only the RP (client) parts are polished.


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OpenID connect implementation in OCaml.

Certified OpenID Connect mark

Folder structure

├─executable/  Entrypoint for a webserver/OIDC client
├─library/     Implementation for the webserver
├─oidc/        Core OIDC implementation
├─oidc-client/ OIDC Client implementation
├─test/        tests


npm install -g esy redemon reenv
git clone <this-repo>
esy install
esy build

Running Binary:

After building the project, you can run the main binary that is produced. This will start a webserver with a OIDC client configured for certification.

esy start

Running Tests:

# Runs the "test" command in `package.json`.
esy test