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Plum Analytics Artifact Widget plugin for OJS

This plugin provides display of PlumX Metrics from Plum Analytics on the article level for PKP Open Journal Systems.


  • OJS 2.4 or a later release of OJS 2.x
  • Article level DOIs
    • see: User Home -> Journal Manager -> System Plugins -> Public Identifier Plugins -> DOI
  • PlumX subscription


Install this as a "generic" plugin in OJS. To install manually via the filesystem, extract the contents of this archive to a "plumAnalytics" directory under "plugins/generic" in your OJS root. To install via Git submodule, target that same directory path: git submodule add plugins/generic/plumAnalytics and git submodule update --init --recursive plugins/generic/plumAnalytics. Run the upgrade script to register this plugin, e.g.: php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

Login as a Journal Manger and navigate to the Journal for which you wish to use the Widget. Enable the plugin via User Home -> Journal Manger -> System Plugins -> Generic Plugins -> Plum Analytics Artifact Widget -> Enable.

To configure the plugin, you will need to select what type of widget you want, and where it will display. Additional options may apply to specific widget types. See the PlumX Widgets page for an overview of the different widget types and options.

Author / License

Written by Clinton Graham for the University of Pittsburgh. Copyright (c) University of Pittsburgh.

Released under a license of GPL v2 or later.