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Ultibo tools

This repository contains a collection of tools and utilities for the Ultibo project.

Some of these are already included in the Ultibo core installer package, see the readme in each folder for additional information.

The source is available by downloading or cloning this repository, to download a zip file containing precompiled binaries for each tool go to the releases page

Current tools and utilities:

  • Bin2Type - A utility to turn any binary file into a pascal variable which can be embedded in your project

  • BuildRTL - The Ultibo RTL Builder tool

  • ConfigureRTL - A utility used by the installer to update the FPC and Lazarus configuration

  • FontBuilder - A tool to convert common bitmap fonts to a pascal unit for inclusion in projects

  • QEMULauncher - A tool to load an Ultibo project into a QEMU machine

  • Text2Bin - A utility to turn plain text in the form of hex values seperated by spaces into a binary output file

  • TimezoneBuilder - A tool to compile world timezone information into a format suitable for the Ultibo timezone unit

  • UFontCreator - A tool to convert any Windows font into a file describing it as a bitmap of fixed width and height

  • UFnt2Unit - Utility to take the .ufnt files created by UFontCreator and turn them into pascal units for use in Ultibo projects

Questions or suggestions about any of these tools should be posted in the Ultibo forum