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Ultimate Mod Manager


Download the latest from the releases page.


  • Place the NRO in sdmc:/switch/
  • Put mods in sdmc:/UltimateModManager/mods. Folders at the top-level here will be the selectable modpacks. Compressed mod files may start with their offset in hexadecimal, such as 0x35AA26F08_model.numatb or be named by their path within the data.arc. All uncompressed mod files must be in their data.arc folder layout and have the correct original naming. An example path of an arc path named mod file would be UltimateModManager/mods/organized_css/ui/param/database/ui_chara_db.prc, and it would show up in the application as organized_css.


  • Use the DataArcDumper to dump your data.arc first if you have not. If you want to use this functionality, please start the HBL by overriding Smash itself, which is done by starting Smash while holding the R button.
  • Use the FTP server to transfer over mods to your Switch over your Wi-Fi connection. Open this server, use its IP address in conjunction with either a file transfer client like WinSCP or the ArcInstaller. Completely optional, as mods can be transferred over via the SD card as well.
  • Use the Mod Installer to install mods. Any time a mod is installed, the corresponding vanilla files will be populated as backups. If at any time you want to uninstall all mods in the data.arc, press the option to restore backups or uninstall individual mods with the Y button.

Build from source


At this point, you can build with a simple make.