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Documentation, bug tracker and feature request system for UH Enterprise
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UH Enterprise Docs

Open-source issue tracker and documentation hub for UH Enterprise.

This repository aims to accomplish three main tasks:

  1. Provide the ability for users to submit bug reports directly to UH Enterprise developers.
  2. Provide the ability for users to suggest new features and to upvote already suggested features for consideration in future updates to the service.
  3. Provide a thorough documentation platform to aid the use of UH Enterprise.

Submitting a report:

Head over to issues and create a new one by using one of the pre-made templates to describe your problem/suggestion. One of our developers will then comment or roll out a fix if applicable.


This service is NOT a replacement for your support channel partner. Any support requests should be directed to them. Any support requests submitted as issues to this repository will be ignored and deleted.

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