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Core Assets 4.4.0

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Leap Motion Unity Core Assets 4.4.0 Changelog

  • Supported Unity versions: 5.6.2, 2017.1-4, 2018.1.

VR Rig Simplification

  • The number of scripts required to construct a Leap Motion-enabled VR rig has been greatly reduced, and the required rig hierarchy has been heavily simplified. Hand data that is adjusted correctly for XR headset and device latency can now be gotten by adding a single component to the Main Camera, and the hand model pipeline has been simplified to a single manager component driving managed model components. If you are upgrading from an older project that incorporated Leap rigs from Core 4.3.4 or earlier, you can auto-upgrade these rigs by opening the scene that contains them and checking the new Leap Motion SDK window: Window->Leap Motion.

Leap SDK

  • Added the Leap Motion SDK Window, accessible via Window->Leap Motion. Use this window to scan and upgrade old (Core 4.3.4 and earlier) Leap rigs, check settings for the Interaction Engine, and adjust module preferences for the Graphic Renderer.
  • The LeapCSharp source is now provided directly in UnityModules and no longer hidden behind a managed DLL. It has received some upgrades in the process, and although it's still a little rough around the edges, it is a useful reference if you would like to construct LeapC bindings for a new language.
  • Added VectorHand, one of many potential lightweight encodings of a Leap Hand. This lossy encoding is suitable for lightweight recording and playback or network transmission.
  • Fixed a bug where hand.TimeVisible was not being set with the correct units.
  • Added the PostProcessingProvider base class, a pattern for applying your own post-processes to Leap frame data.
  • Added an example scene demonstrating a stateless and a stateful PostProcessProvider: ProjectionPostProcessProvider and InertiaPostProcessProvider.


  • Query system: Overhauled to remove reliance on type-generic structs to support IL2CPP.
  • BitConverter no longer requires unsafe code EXCEPT when targeting IL2CPP. If you wish to compile using IL2CPP, you must allow unsafe code.
  • Added an ArrayPool data structure, used by the overhauled Query system.
  • Fixed an issue when ImplementsInterface attribute was used for ScriptableObjects.
  • Added some Runtime Gizmo drawing functions, such as DrawEllipsoid.
  • added SigmoidUpDown as a DefaultCurve for quick AnimationCurve initialization.
  • Removed a warning when Hands.Provider returned null, since many valid scenes may simply not be set up for Leap devices.