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Bits and pieces I use in both personal and work projects to manipulate XML files via JAXB.
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JAXB Utilities

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Bits and pieces I use in both personal and work projects whenever I need to manipulate XML via JAXB.


Minimum of Java 8 required. Joda Time 2 also required if using any of the Joda Time adapters (JodaDateTimeAdapter or JodaLocalDateAdapter).

Standalone distribution

Copy the JAR from the latest release bundle, placing it in the classpath of your project, or build the project from the source code here on GitHub.

For Maven and Maven-compatible dependency managers

Add a dependency to your project with the following co-ordinates:

  • GroupId:
  • ArtifactId: jaxb-utilities
  • Version: (as per the badges above)



Wraps the job of unmarshalling XML content into a Java object, adding methods for enabling validation against a schema or schemas during unmarshalling.

Example usage:

XmlReader<YourClass> xmlReader = new XmlReader<>(YourClass.class);
xmlReader.addValidatingSchema(new File("YourSchema.xsd"));
YourClass instance =;


Wraps the job of marshalling Java objects back into XML files, adding methods for enabling CDATA sections, mapping namespaces to custom prefixes, and validating against a schema or schemas during marshalling.

Example usage:

XmlWriter<YourClass> xmlWriter = new XmlWriter<>(YourClass.class);
xmlWriter.write(instance, new File("Output.xml"));



Used in conjunction with XmlWriter and its setUseCDataSections() method, causes JAXB to write CDATA sections instead of the usual XML-escaped strings that it produces. Handy when your string content contains lots of XML-reserved characters (eg: HTML or XML content).

To generate classes from a schema that use this adapter, annotate the string property you want to be converted into a CDATA-aware string instead:

<xsd:element name="html-content" type="xsd:string">

Alternatively, to have JAXB write CDATA sections into XML files from your existing Java classes, annotate the string property like so:

protected String htmlContent;

Then, set the XmlWriter to output CDATA sections:

XmlWriter<YourClass> xmlWriter = new XmlWriter<>();

The next time you use one of XmlWriter's write methods, the resulting XML will wrap the element you've annotated in a CDATA section:

  I'm an element containing <html> content, but I <i>won't</i> get
  escaped because this is a CDATA section


Marshal/unmarshal XML dates/times to the Joda DateTime object.

To generate classes from a schema that use this adapter, annotate the XML date/time property you want to be converted into a Joda DateTime instead:

<xsd:element name="date" type="xsd:date">

Alternatively, to have existing Java classes that use Joda DateTime map to XML date/time, annotate your date properties like so:

@XmlSchemaType(name = "date")
private DateTime date;


Similar usage to the JodaDateTimeAdapter, instead using Joda LocalDate objects. Just swap JodaDateTimeAdapter for JodaLocalDateAdapter in the examples above.

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