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Hosted on heroku, pass text like this to see a response:

== Installation & Setup

sudo -s 'cpan App::cpanminus'
sudo -s 'cpanm Lingua::ZH::CCDICT'

#installing for mojo for web  development as a system tool:

sudo -s 'curl -L |perl - Mojolicious'
# taken from

# install heroku deploy tools for mojo
sudo -s 'curl -L | sh'

We use Perloku to run it on heroku.  To run the server locally:

chmod +x Perloku
PORT=3000 ./Perloku

== How the app was created

# create a new mojo app
# note : lite_app didn't work with mojo-deploy-heroku when
# I tried - I think it expects the lite app to have a package declared
mojo generate app PinYinCloud
cd pin_yin_cloud

# create a new heroku app named pin-yin-cloud or deploy to an existing app named 'pin-yin-cloud'
./script/pin_yin_cloud deploy heroku --appname pin-yin-cloud

# then this is live

# I then modified Makefile.PL
# and added 'Lingua::ZH::CCDICT' => '0.05'
# to the PREREQ_PM 'map' (hash)
# and re-deployed
./script/pin_yin_cloud deploy heroku --appname pin-yin-cloud

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