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(not quite ready for prime time) open source video recording component
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An open source audio/video recording component focused on recording short-form video segments.


  • videoplayer refactor: include videoview, scrubber, record-again button
  • recording quality sucks (need to add the right knobs & dials to mediastream)
  • recording progress
  • max_time
  • rtmpstatus: this is way too loud, need rollover, maybe tooltip
  • get this deployed somewhere so people can play with it
  • controls as a translucent overlay
  • css colors?
  • rtmpconnection: should be able to use one that is already there
  • surface stream so external UI can hook up to stream events?
  • can we use the OpenLaszlo doc generator to create component docs for a stand-alone library? (or maybe would be simple enough to create a little ruby script to parse the doc comments)


  • would be good to have an interactive test file that lets you pi=oke at all of the attributes
  • should be able to set an onallowed handler referencing the cam/mic to hook up UI outside of the component
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