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ACM CHI Proceedings R Markdown Template

NOTE: This repo supplies the template that was used by CHI 2019. CHI 2020 has reverted back to the template used at CHI 2018 - find my R Markdown template for that here:

This R package provides a template for writing ACM CHI Proceedings papers in R Markdown, and compiling to PDF via the LaTeX templates from the ACM Master LaTeX Template (v. 1.56).

How to cite


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Using a tool like R Markdown to write scientific papers makes your work more transparent and reproducible, and reduces the risk of introducing errors by manually transfering results from statistical software to manuscript.

However, getting R Markdown to play nicely with the ACM LaTeX templates can be tricky.

This R package makes it easy, by providing a ready-made .Rmd template with YAML metadata and body text illustrations of what you need to know, which compiles to the latest CHI Proceedings (used for CHI'19 submissions) format via the ACM Master Article LaTeX template.


# The package isn't on CRAN - install the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")


The easiest way to use the template is with RStudio, via File -> New File -> R Markdown... In the dialog box, click 'From Template', then find the new 'ACM CHI Proceedings {CHIProceedings}' option, choose a name for your manuscript (e.g. 'Test'), then click OK: R Markdown template dialog

A new folder named Test is created, and you see an open Test.Rmd file: Test.Rmd with illustration content

If you click 'Knit', it compiles to the example PDF output with the illustration content from Test.Rmd: Compiled result - PDF output in CHI Proceedings format

It also keeps the intermediary generated Test.tex file from which the PDF output was created: Intermediary Test.tex from which the PDF output was created

Now go ahead and replace the content of Test.Rmd with your own fantastic work!

NOTE: include the initial setup_output code chunk at the top of your .Rmd file, as it creates custom chunk options that allow you to e.g. add image descriptions for visually impaired readers.


This R package provides a template for writing 2019 ACM CHI Proceedings papers in R Markdown, and compiling to PDF via the ACM Master LaTeX Template (v. 1.56).






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