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Pluggable Tests example

Given by Dima Kovalenko and Jeff Rogers at Selenium Conference 2012

Getting Started

You will need ruby, git for starters.

git clone git://
cd Pluggable-Tests
gem install bundler
bundle install

You might need to execute these commands with sudo on your local machine.

To execute full demo

rake all

To run the iPhone example

You will need iPhone SDK installed on your computer. The pre-compiled iWebdriver is included, but it is older version so it might be buggy.

To run Sauce example

You will need to have a valid saucelabs username and API key for that account.

You can get a free account here

Once you created the account, and found your username and API key, provide that info like this

export SAUCE_USERNAME=username
export SAUCE_KEY=api_key

Different Rake tasks

rake all # Run all tests rake api # API tests rake iphone # iPhone tests rake sauce # Sauce tests rake selenium # Selenium tests rake touch # Touch tests

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