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Touchy™ Boilerplate
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Touchy™ Boilerplate Boilerplate is a starting kit for mobile web apps

Feature rundown:

  • HTML template with all the META tag goodies
  • Animated page navigation
  • Fixed header and scrollable content
  • Browser history and deep linking
  • CSS JS and Image embedding
  • Special UI elements
  • Optimized css files and js libraries
  • Environment info as CSS hooks and JS data
  • Geolocation helper
  • Useful CSS only shapes

Getting started

  1. Download the project files: zip, tar or fork it.
  2. Browse to index.html from your desktop and mobile.
  3. Edit the file to your liking and make it your own.

If you got a server that runs php, start with index.php so you could enjoy TouchyPHP which enables embedding assets into the page (potentially speeding up load time).

There are TONS OF FEATURES for you to dig in to.

Click here for the getting started guide.


Check em out

Project Info


Touchy™BP itself has no dependencies really.

But using Touchy™JS features does. It's documented right here.

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