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Leaderboard microservice supporting hundreds of millions of records

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What is this:

This tool supports leaderboard functionality, where you may have hundreds of millions of rows.

Example use case:

You have a popular game where players complete levels. This Node.js application can store the time it took players to complete such levels, and then respond with a leaderboard for a particular level, and also the relative ranking for a particular score. This allows you to show messages like:

You completed this level in 45sec. You are position 3 in the leaderboard (out of 244k)!


You scored better than 85% of users.

What can you do exactly?

  • Ingest a large dataset of scores/metrics upon app startup
  • Insert metrics over HTTP, while the web server is up and running
  • Retrieve all metrics for a given item, in grouped/bucketed form (useful for large datasets)
  • Given a particular item, retrieve its position in a leaderboard, relative to all other scores
  • Retrieve results in < 1 second, even with hundreds of millions of entries, thanks to Redis

This web server lets you create a fast and responsive leaderboard even with hundreds of millions of 'scores'. Say you have a data.csv file which looks like this:

itemId milliseconds
00001 2100
00001 3042
00001 2277
00002 544
00002 2992
00003 1500
00004 4010

Milliseconds can represent any metric you're interested in, e.g. the time it took to click a button, the length of time a user stayed on your page.

Once this tool ingests your data, you can then perform queries on itemId's, (itemId could represent a movie, a blog post etc.) to discover it's ranking within a leaderboard. E.g. A query for item 0001 may return:

    "position": 2,
    "total": 3

To get started

Start redis

Install redis:

brew install redis

# Optional - test server is alive, in a new terminal
redis-cli ping

Start the web server

npm i
make start

# You can insert data with this.

curl --data 'time=8800&itemId=Your_Item_ID_Here'

# The response of the insertion is a JSON object informing of the items relative position in the leaderboard

# You can also get all times for an item at: http://localhost:3000/allItemTimes/Your_Item_ID_Here

# Also see: http://localhost:3000/stats/Your_Item_ID_Here

# Also see: http://localhost:3000/allItemTimes/Your_Item_ID_Here?currentTime=1689 - After you've inserted your record, the `currentTime` query param will indicate in the response which record is the one you're interested in (a `currentScrore: true`)

Using the redis CLI

# Get the count of timings within the 1000ms bucket for the item Your_Item_ID_Here
HGET Your_Item_ID_Here 100

# Get the total count of recorded timings for the item Your_Item_ID_Here
HGET Your_Item_ID_Here total

# See all data stored for a particular item
HGETALL Your_Item_ID_Here


Leaderboard microservice supporting hundreds of millions of records






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