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Type-a-Number Challenge

A sample application that demonstrates some simple achievements (normal, hidden, and incremental), as well as leaderboards. It also demonstrates Interactive Posts and Deep-Linking, allowing you to challenge your friends to beat your score on either the web or mobile version.


You can find the code that runs the game in the js directory. The following files are located there:

  • achievementManager.js handles most of the game logic around achievements

  • achievementTable.js displays the table when you click the "View Achievements" button

  • achievementWidget.js displays the little "Achievement unlocked!" widget at the bottom of the page

  • challenge.js contains some simple logic to display the challenge received via Interactive Posts

  • constants.js contains some constants that you will want to change for your application

  • friendsTable.js shows the "Find my friends!" page

  • game.js handles the simple game logic and creates the "Beat my score!" Interative Post

  • leaderboardManager.js handles most of the game logic around leaderboards

  • leaderboardsTable.js displays the "All leaderboards" table

  • leaderboardTable.js displays the high scores for an individual leaderboard

  • leaderboardWidget.js dispalys the little "New high score!" widget at the bottom of the page

  • login.js handles most of the initial login logic

  • player.js simply handles loading the player information so we can say hello.

  • utils.js has a function to roll a random number, and determine if a number is prime

  • welcome.js manages the simple logic around the welcome page

  • linkPage/index.php is a server-generated page that populates its data (i.e. the stuff with the itemprop attributes) based on the parameters passed to it. This allows you to create a custom description when generating your Interactive Post. The JavaScript will send any actual players to your main page.

Running the sample application

To run the Type-a-Number Challenge on your own server, you will need to create your own version of the game in the Play Console. Once you have done that, you will create achievements and leaderboards for this game, then copy over all client IDs, achievement IDs and leaderboard IDs to your own js/constants.js file. To follow this process, perform the following steps:

  1. If you have already created this application in the Play Console (because you have created and run the Android or iOS version of the game, for example), you can skip steps 2 through 5 below. All you will need to do is...
    • Create a separate Client ID for the web version of the game, as described in the "Create a Client ID" section of the Console Documentation.
    • Link the web version of your game, as described in the "Link Your Platform- Specific Apps" section of the console documentation
  2. Create your own application in the Play Console, as described in our Developer Documentation. Make sure you follow the "Web" instructions for creating your Client ID and linking your application.
  3. Make a note of your Client ID and Application ID as described in the documentation
  4. Create your own Achievements and Leaderboards as described in the Achievements and Leaderbords documentation. You are free to create you own Achievements and Leaderboards, but if you want to match the ones in this sample application, they are...
    • Achievements:
      • Prime: Receive a score that is a prime number
      • Bored: Play 10 games (Incremental achievement)
      • Humble: Request a score of 0
      • Don't Get Cocky, Kid: Request a score of 9999
      • OMG U R TEH UBER LEET!: Receive a score of 1337 (hidden achievement)
      • Really Bored: Play 100 games (Incremental achievement)
    • Leaderboards:
      • Hard mode
      • Easy mode
  5. Feel free to use any score value for your achievements (we tended to keep them between 10 and 75 points per achievement). If you want placeholder icons, is a great resource.
  6. Once that's done, you'll want to replace some of the constants defined in the application.
    • In the constants.js file, replace the following constants:
      • constants.CLIENT_ID (Replace this with your OAuth2.0 Client ID)
      • constants.APP_ID (Replace this with your Application ID)
    • In the same constants.js file, replace the following constants with the IDs for the corresponding achievements that you created:
      • constants.ACH_PRIME
      • constants.ACH_BORED
      • constants.ACH_HUMBLE
      • constants.ACH_COCKY
      • constants.ACH_LEET
      • constants.ACH_REALLY_BORED
    • Finally, replace the following constants with the IDs for the corresponding leaderboards that you created:
      • constants.LEADERBOARD_EASY
      • constants.LEADERBOARD_HARD
  7. To get Interactive Posts working properly, make sure you change your constants.LINK_PAGE_BASE to the URL of your link page. And make sure you change the redirect Javascript in your linkPage/index.php file.

That's it! Your application should be ready to run!


I see a some kind of 400 bad request error in my JavaScript console when calling GET What does that mean?

This could be due to a number of different causes, but probably the most common one is a redirect_uri_mismatch error. This happens when the location from which you are serving your application doesn't match up with the JavaScript origins: field in your OAuth2.0 Client ID settings. For instance...

  • You're trying to load your app from a "file://" location. (You need to specify a http or https origin.)
  • You have your http:// and https:// mixed up. (For instance, you're loading from http://localhost/ and you accidentally specified your JavaScript origin as https://localhost.)
  • Just a plain ol' mismatch. (For instance, you're loading from and you specified your JavaScript origin as https://localhost.)

To fix any of these issues...

  1. Go to your application in the Play Console's Game services page.
  2. Click the "This game is linked to the API console project called ''" link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Google API Console.
  3. Click on the "API Access" tab on the left.
  4. Find the "Client ID for web applications" section, click on the "Edit Settings..." link to the right, and then add or edit your JavaScript origins so they match the location from which you are serving your application.

Known issues

  • Game is ugly :)
  • Game does not conform to Play game services branding recommendations (no game controller, achievement, or leaderboard icon)
  • "Incremental" achievement progress doesn't get updated locally