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Automatically create a '1 second everyday' video
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Video Everyday

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This project helps create a "1 second everyday"-style video using your existing media. If you've recorded lots of videos, taken lots of pictures, with your phone for example, can turn all of that into a condensed video.

To get started

  1. Configure media-folder in default.json to point to a folder location where all your media is stored
  2. Run npm install && npm run migrate-db-dev
  3. Run the following:
# in one tab
npm start

# in another tab
npm run gulp
  1. Then open up localhost:3000

You will then end up with a folder consisting of ~1 second videos: 0001.mp4 0002.mp4 0003.MOV 0004.MOV 0005.MOV 0006.MOV 0007.mp4 0008.mp4 0009.mp4 0010.MOV and so on. You can then drag these into your video tool of choice, and join them all toegther. As an example, if using Screenflow:

  1. Drag all files (0001.mp4, 0002.mp4 etc.) into screenflow
  2. Select all clips
  3. Arrange > Scale > Scale to Fit
  4. File > Export


  • allow selecting multiple videos/images for a given day (shift + click?) and have them either condensed into a 1-2 second timeframe, or just allow each of them to occupy the usual time amount
  • try video-segment-duration-seconds of 1sec and make sure things work
  • ensure working state is clean, and everything is committed, handle config files
  • group thumbnails-folder, video-segment-folder, consolidated-media-folder into one single config value
  • main-config.js has some hardcoded server paths, share this in a more intuitive way across the codebase
  • Remove absolute paths from config files
  • Use node.js recursive delete instead of rimraf (
  • Add timelapse support/speed up videos
  • Overlay text on significant videos
  • Document webapp and include a getting started guide
  • Support images
  • Refactor code + modularise
  • add a test folder with test media and use md5 0003.MOV md5 0004.mp4 and so on to verify the output media, to to a demo vid/gif from the readme

todo: media generation task

  1. Get an array of all top-level folders in the video-segment-folder, named allTopLevelSegmentFolders
  2. For each media source item on the filesystem
  3. Check the DB record. If defaultVideoSegmentDuration differs from config value, then delete the defaultVideoSegment file (not folder as other segments may have been generated), e.g. so delete VID-20190902-WA0004.mp4/VID-20190902-WA0004_15_18.mp4 on the filesystem
  4. Maybe the config didn't even change, it which case check the file
  5. Create/generate the video segment using the usual technique
  6. Remove the current media source item from allTopLevelSegmentFolders
  7. At the end of looping through all top level media source items, as a cleanup task, delete any remaining items in allTopLevelSegmentFolders

scripts WIP

# takes less than a second to execute, but includes black frames at the start

 ffmpeg -ss 00:01:00 -i ~/Downloads/tmp/VID_20191020_113153.mp4 -t 3 -c copy -avoid_negative_ts 1 ./dist/test.mp4

# takes 1 min, but is a correctly formatted video file

ffmpeg -ss 00:01:00 -t 2 -i ~/Downloads/tmp/VID_20191020_113153.mp4 ./dist/foo.mp4

# Similar (slow but accurate and working), not what the difference is

ffmpeg -i ~/Downloads/tmp/VID_20191020_113153.mp4 -ss 10 -strict -2 -t 2 ./dist/foo.mp4

# finally, using mp4box works!

/Applications/ -splitx 10:12 ~/Downloads/tmp/VID_20191020_115217.mp4

# after this, it'll need resizing

ffmpeg -i VID_20191020_115217_14_17.mp4 -vf scale=640:-1 output.mp4

# these 1-2 second MP4 might be slow to watch, so how about displaying a sped up version either by:
# changing the vid.playbackRate in JS, or, using ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i $1 -r 10 -vcodec png out-static-%05d.png

# command to overlay text on a video

ffmpeg -i 0009.mp4 -vf drawtext="fontfile=~/Library/Fonts/FiraCode-Bold.ttf: text='some text!':fontsize=80:fontcolor=white:x=100:y=100" 0009-text.mp4

# This command will concatenate videos of the same format/size

ffmpeg -f concat -i mp4s.txt -fflags +genpts mp4s.mp4

# mp4box concat is super fast...but only if files are the same resolution
/Applications/ -cat scaled/1.mp4 -cat scaled/2.mp4 -cat scaled/3.mp4 -cat scaled/4.mp4 -cat scaled/5.mp4 -new mp4box.mp4

# scaling videos working - run this on all videos, then do a ffmpeg concat

ffmpeg  -i footage/6.MOV -filter:v "scale=iw*min(1920/iw\,1080/ih):ih*min(1920/iw\,1080/ih), pad=1920:1080:(1920-iw*min(1920/iw\,1080/ih))/2:(1080-ih*min(1920/iw\,1080/ih))/2" -c:a copy scaled/6.mp4
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