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Releases: umageddon/namDHC

namDHC v1.13

27 Dec 06:21
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  • Final report shows size savings when compressing to CHD
  • Fixed output folder being cleared if cancel was clicked in the select folder helper
  • Removed close button on console windows
  • Some cleanup

namDHC v1.12

24 Dec 02:40
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  • Added an option to force no DPI scaling for people who are having issues with options being cut off in window (Thanks TFWol!)
  • Fixed quit routine

namDHC v1.11

04 Dec 01:24
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  • Possible crash fixes (fingers crossed)
  • Fixed zip files not being cleared from list after a successful job
  • Slight speed improvement and (hopefully) improved reliability when cancelling jobs

namDHC v1.10

03 Dec 19:43
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  • Possible fix to crashing and slowdown on some machines (Removed Autohotkey speed-ups)
  • Fixed namDHC sometimes deleting the output file if it already existed
  • Fixed a possible chdman timeout issue
  • Fixed reporting to not show old reports from previous jobs

namDHC v1.09

30 Nov 00:34
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  • Fixed select output folder button not launching explorer window
  • Fixed sometimes showing multiple jobs in one progress slot
  • Re-enabled Autohotkey 'speedups'
  • Fixed line character being misrepresented in report

namDHC v1.08

25 Nov 04:53
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  • Fixed Verify option
  • No need to hit enter to confirm a new output folder
  • Limit output folder to 255 characters
  • Removed Add/Remove metadata options indefinitely
  • Using a new version (0.249) of chdman.exe

namDHC v1.07

12 Jun 02:31
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There are issues with cancelling running jobs with this release... If I find time, Ill try and look deeper into the issue.

  • Added zip file support.
    NOTE: Folders & multiple formats within zipfiles are unsupported. namDHC will use only the first supported file that it finds within in each zipfile
  • Changed quit routine
  • Changed error handling for output chd files that already exist
  • Changed file read functions
  • Fixed namDHC won't ask about duplicate files when verifying or getting info from CHD's
  • Fixed Folder and file browsing shows input extensions that aren't actually selected
  • Fixed timeout monitoring
  • Fixed some race conditions
  • GUI changes n' stuff
  • Changed JSON library again (hopefully last time)
  • Having issues with script pausing/hanging after cancel command is sent to thread

namDHC v1.06

27 Mar 21:05
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  • Allows creation of multiple output filetypes during a single job. Filetypes will be added to the file and directory names in parenthesis.
    Example of files from a PSX game with both TOC and CUE types selected for output:
    PSXGAME (TOC).toc
    PSXGAME (TOC).bin
    PSXGAME (CUE).bin
    PSXGAME (CUE).cue
  • User will be prompted to rename any duplicate output files (ie - the same input files in different directories)
  • Changed the finished job sound to play media instead of just beeps
  • Fixed: Main menu not hiding during job processes
  • Fixed: Updater wont automatically update even when selecting no
  • Other bugfixes, GUI changes n' stuff

namDHC v1.05

23 Mar 21:15
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  • Added update functionality
  • GUI changes
  • More GUI changes
  • Fixed issue extracting or creating all extension types instead of selected
  • Fixed JSON issues
  • Bug fixes

Full Changelog: namDHCv1.03...namDHCv1.05

namDHC v1.03

22 Mar 03:42
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  • Fixed Cancel all jobs button
  • Fixed output folder editfield allowing invalid characters
  • Fixed files being removed from listview after failed operations
  • Minor GUI bugs fixed
  • GUI changes
  • Added time elapsed to report
  • Changed about window