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MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and
MathML that works in all modern browsers. It was designed with the
goal of consolidating the recent advances in web technologies into a
single, definitive, math-on-the-web platform supporting the major
browsers and operating systems. It requires no setup on the part of
the user (no plugins to download or software to install), so the page
author can write web documents that include mathematics and be
confident that users will be able to view it naturally and easily.
One simply includes MathJax and some mathematics in a web page, and
MathJax does the rest.

Some of the main features of MathJax include:

  o High-quality display of LaTeX and MathML math notation in HTML pages

  o Supported in most browsers with no plug-ins, extra fonts, or special
    setup for the reader

  o Easy for authors, flexible for publishers, extensible for developers

  o Supports math accessibility, cut and paste interoperability and other
    advanced functionality

  o Powerful API for integration with other web applications

See for additional details.


The MathJax installation and usage documentation is available on the
docs/html directory of the MathJax distribution (see
docs/html/index.html for the starting point). The documents are also
available on the MathJax web site on line at


The main MathJax website is, and it includes announcements
and other important information. MathJax also has a SourceForge site at that includes the download site
for the MathJax distribution. A user forum for asking questions and getting
assistance is hosted at Google, and the bug tracker is hosted at GitHub:

  Bug tracker:
  MathJax-Users Group:

Before reporting a bug, please check that it has not already been reported.
Also, please use the bug tracker for reporting bugs rather than the help
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