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Delete unwanted retweets that show up as tweets due to the broken Twitter<->Facebook integration.
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Retweet Deleter

What, Why

Apparently Twitter<->Facebook connection is broken and every tweet you retweet on Twitter gets posted to Facebook (expected behaviour), but it also gets posted to Twitter again as if it is a Facebook post in itself (unexpected behavior).

I got sick of manually having to delete this extra unwanted tweet every time I retweeted something. So, I wrote this little script that will run every X interval of time to look for my recent tweets and delete the unwanted ones.

Also I can add #nodelete to a tweet to make this script skip deleting it.


  • Make an app on Twitter, get your app's Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  • Authenticate your user with the app, get your Access Token and Access Token Secret.
  • Clone this repo and cd into it.
  • Plug these in constants.js along with your screen_name (Twitter handle).
  • npm i
  • node . (Make a CRON job or whatever if you want to run this repeatedly.)
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