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A decentralized financial contracts platform built to enable Universal Market Access—UMA.


  1. protocol protocol Public

    UMA Protocol Running on Ethereum

    JavaScript 356 173

  2. oval-contracts oval-contracts Public

    Oval smart contracts, enabling protocols to auction off their OEV and receive a kickback.

    Solidity 3

  3. oval-node oval-node Public

    Oval node enables searchers to send backrun bundles to bid in OEV auctions.

    TypeScript 6 2

  4. oval-quickstart oval-quickstart Public

    Example Oval deployment scripts, fork tests and demos.

    Solidity 6

  5. whitepaper whitepaper Public

    74 9

  6. UMIPs UMIPs Public

    UMA Improvement Proposal repository

    55 105


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