My final year project at the University of Strathclyde
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Evidence-providing problem solvers in Agda


The report, including all software written for it, is in the report directory. It can be compiled into PDF by running make. Note that for this to succeed, all literate Agda files need to be compiled. These were written for Agda 2.5.3 and depend on the standard library. To just compile the Agda modules on which the report depends, run make modules.

The reports uses the TeX package catchfilebetweentags to include parts of the literate Agda modules, which contain the following:

  • Monoids: a complete solver for equations on monoids.
  • CommutativeRings: the solver for equations on commutative rings from Agda's standard library.
  • Normalisation: unverified normalisation of Presburger formulae.
  • Presburger: the Omega Test for Presburger arithmetic, verified but unfinished.
  • Adaptation: a small wrapper around Presburger and Normalisation allowing a limited usage case.
  • Demo: a showcase of Monoids, CommutativeRings and Adaptation.