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Python API for writing new Amazon Echo skills
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Simple Python API for granting custom skills to the Amazon Echo (Alexa)


pyalexa uses flask-style decorators to mark functions that handle a particular intent.


Declaring a skill

To declare a skill, you will need your Amazon app ID, something like Then, just create a Skill object:

from pyalexa import Skill

skill = Skill(app_id='',

Intents are handled using decorators, in the style of the popular flask library. There are three decorators provided: launch, for the LaunchRequest, end for SessionEndedRequest, and intent for [IntentRequest]s. Here's a pyalexa version of HelloWorld, from Amazon's sample skills.

from pyalexa import Skill, Card

skill = Skill(app_id='')

def launch(request):
    return request.response(
        speech="Welcome to pyalexa, you can say hello",
        reprompt="You can say hello"

def end(request):
    print("We can do cleanup stuff here")

def hello_world(request):
    return request.response(
        card=Card("Greeter", "Hello World!")
        speech="Hello world!"

def help_intent(request):
    return request.response(
        text="You can say hello to me!",
        reprompt="You can say hello to me!"
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