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Community contrib project with Courier resolvers for some of the most popular Umbraco packages
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Umbraco Courier Contrib

This project contains community contributions for the Umbraco deployment tool, Courier.

Primarily this project offers data-resolvers for the most popular Umbraco community packages - these are used by Courier (and Umbraco Cloud) to aid with the deployment and transferring of content/property-data to a target environment.

Data Resolvers

This project offers Umbraco Courier data-resolvers for the following community packages:

Getting Started


You can install the NuGet package using Install-Package Umbraco.Courier.Contrib.
NuGet release

Contributing to this project

Anyone who wishes to get involved with this project is more than welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing, this applies for any bug reports, feature requests and pull requests.


We encourage you to report any issues you might find with these data-resolvers, so we can have them fixed for everyone!

When reporting issues with a resolver it will help us a whole lot if you can reduce your report to being the absolute minimum required to encounter the error you are seeing.

This means try removing anything unnecessary or unrelated to the actual issue, from your setup and also try reducing the steps to reproduce, to only cover exactly what we would need to do in order to see the error you are getting.

For any questions or issues about this project specifically, please raise an issue on GitHub.

For any Courier specific enquiries, please use the Umbraco Issue Tracker (for Courier).


Special thanks to the following community members for providing the initial data-resolver code for this project.


Copyright © 2016 Umbraco

Copyright © 2016 Our Umbraco and other contributors

Copyright © 2016 DIS/PLAY

Copyright © 2014 Lee Kelleher, Umbrella Inc

Licensed under the MIT License

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