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BatJan and dampee Correcting the code example in step three (#947)
The current example results in the following error System.Web.HttpCompileException (0x80004005): c:\Git\Sites\Umbraco-7-11-1\Views\MacroPartials\LatestBlogposts.cshtml(21): error CS0428: Cannot convert method group 'Count' to non-delegate type 'double'. Did you intend to invoke the method?

I'm no expert in LINQ but when adding .ToList() it works like it should. The code that should be replaced with the example from step three also converts the output using .ToList() - .Take(3) should also not be necessary to add since paging is already setup, which listes 3 posts pr. page.

I noticed this issue when I tried to re-create the error Nic got here - I have not heard from him yet about whether my change works for him or not but I'm 99.99995% certain that it will since it works for me :)
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This is the documentation project for Umbraco. The scope of this project is to provide overviews of concepts, tutorials, example code, and links to API reference. We welcome valuable contributions from anyone willing to help. No matter if it is correcting spelling mistakes, raising an issue or writing a tutorial, everything counts and helps make Umbraco easier to use for everyone.

For details on how to contribute, see further down this page.

What's in the documentation

Getting started

Getting started (available here) is an introduction to Umbraco containing explanations of basic concepts and short tutorials.


Implementation (available here) is an overview of Umbracos structure and pipeline.

Developers Reference

Reference (available here) is a collection of API references specifically for developers working with and extending Umbraco.


Extending (available here) is documentation on customizing and extending the backoffice.


Tutorials (available here) is a collection of the more extensive tutorials used in the documentation.

Contributing to the documentation

Please read our Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can get involved and help with the Umbraco Documentation.

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Images are stored and linked relatively to .md pages, and should by convention always be in an images folder. So to add an image to /documentation/reference/partials/ you link it like so:

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For optional parameters wrap in _ (underscore) - end result: ###_optionalParameter_


For the documentation project, each individual topic is contained in its own folder. Each folder must have an file which links to the individual sub-pages, if images are used, these must be in images folders next to the .md file referencing them relatively.

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