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Documentation for Umbraco 7

Getting Started

All the basics of using Umbraco v7. From your first local installation, to a fully functional customized CMS.


Get an overview of how the Umbraco pipeline is structured. Learn how to write queries and use the APIs.


Documentation on the areas in Umbraco that are extendable such as customizing backoffice UI and creating packages.

Developers' Reference

Code reference for Umbraco's management APIs, templating, querying, searching and more.


Step by step tutorials.

Umbraco Add ons

Everything you need to know about Forms and Courier, the two premium packages developed and supported by HQ.

Development Guidelines

How to work with the Umbraco codebase.


Cheatsheets for easy overview of different areas like the Razor API and Views syntax.

Umbraco Cloud

How to use Umbraco Cloud: Get started, set up your Umbraco Cloud project, deploy and troubleshoot issues.


The documentation project is open source and hosted on Github. If you have any corrections or additions to the documentation clone the project and make a pull request. Guidelines on how to contribute to the documentation.