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Script to add a MatchMedia event for each media query in a page's stylesheets

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Media Query Events

This small script:

  • Finds all media query rules in any stylesheets on a page
  • For each of those MediaRules creates a MatchMedia thingy
  • Adds a listener to each MatchMedia object
  • Calls a provided changeMediaHandler each time a MatchMedia event fires
  • Is a work in progress


The mqEvents function is attached to the window object, which it probably should not be.

Run mqEvents().

Pass it a single function parameter that will run each time a MatchMedia event fires. The function will be passed the MediaQueryList from the event.


mqEvents(function (mql) {
    if (mql.matches) {
        // Media query condition was met
    else {
        // Media query condition was not met


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