Code for generally computing IR correlators during inflation with n-field dimensions - makes use of the formalism of Stochastic Inflation and hence 'multilangevinsolver'
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nfield - a stochastic tool for QFT on inflationary backgrounds

The numerical solver makes use of the stochastic formalism (see []) and computes the IR correlation functions of quantum fields during cosmic inflation in n-field dimensions. This is a necessary 1-loop resummation of the correlation functions to render them finite.

Current version

The code now supports the implementation of n-numbers of coupled test fields (energetically sub-dominant) as well as non-test fields. The current example script: nfield/scripts/ solves for 5 test fields simultaneously.

Getting started

To fork, simply type into the terminal:

git clone

...then enter the scripts directory

cd nfield/scripts

To run the script immediately, you'll need to set the path to nfield on your computer. Check to make sure that you have imported all the correct modules too before runtime!