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Preseed the image with (old) python2 because ansible issues... Also m…

…ake sure the systemd service is stopped while deploying, otherwise it'll kill the instance mid-deployment because terminates itself. It will be up upon boot.
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brainstorm committed Mar 2, 2018
1 parent 2ff7838 commit 50f6150a995dd3f7395b1622abe6e1559c7947b5
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  1. +6 −0 ansible/aws-ami.yaml
  2. +1 −1 ansible/roles/common/tasks/main.yml
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
- hosts: localhost
connection: local
gather_facts: no
- name: Wait for automatic system updates
shell: while sudo fuser /var/lib/dpkg/lock >/dev/null 2>&1; do sleep 1; done;
- name: Seed ansible on remote instances (no python errors)
raw: sudo apt-get -y install python python-simplejson aptitude
- action: setup
- name: Launch EC2 instance
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
- name: Force systemd to reread configs and start PCGR consumer on boot
daemon_reload: yes
state: started
state: stopped
name: pcgr
enabled: yes

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