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Ditto is a lightweight view-model mapper for Umbraco. It offers a simple solution to the problem of using strongly-typed models in your MVC views. There are no 3rd party dependencies, other than Umbraco core itself.

Is Ditto a "Yet Another Code-First" approach?

Nope! The goal of Ditto is to provide a simple way to convert your content/media/member nodes (e.g. IPublishedContent) to your desired view-model object.

There is absolutely zero intention of generating Document-Types from your view-models.

Documentation and notes

Ditto has been developed against Umbraco v7.3.2 and will support that version and above. Support for earlier versions of Umbraco (v6.2.5 and above) please use Ditto version v0.9.0.

Ditto can be installed from either Our Umbraco or NuGet package repositories, or build manually from the source-code.

For detailed documentation, please visit:

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.

Contact us

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Ditto Team

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