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Enhancing Music Notation Addressability (EMA)

This is the GitHub repository for the NEH funded project Enhancing Music Notation Addressability (grant number: HD-51836-14). For more information on the project as a whole, read the end-of-project white paper.

The repository collects a number of digital deliverables created during the life of the project.

Music Addressability API

Read the Music Addressability API specification here.

This API specification was created to enable granular selections of portions of music notation regardless of the underlying music notation format. In other words, it defines a way of virtually circling, or addressing, machine-readable music notation.

Open MEI Addressability Service (Omas)

This is a Python implementation of the Music Addressability API for the Music Encoding Initiative format.

The code and more information are available in the directory /Omas.

Click here for a live demo of the tool.


The directory /nanopub contains code that was written as part of the project evaluation. EMA partnered with the Du Chemin: Lost Voices project to convert their relational database of analyses into Linked Open Data objects conformant to the Nanopublication standard. References to music notation were remodelled according to the Music Addressability API specification. The resulting data was stored in a public Nanopublication database.

The code contained in /nanopub is specific to the Du Chemin data model, though it may serve as a real-world example for other users, particularly the documents in /nanopub/examples.