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Internet Research Agency Facebook ads as structured data
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irads parses the metadata and images out of the 3,517 Facebook ads that were reported to have been bought by the Internet Research Agency. These ads were released by the House Intelligence Committee as a set of redacted PDF files.

The Data:

The Context:

The Metadata:

The results of running the metadata extraction are available here in this repository, or at this URL:

There is also a CSV version available:

Each ad is a JSON object in index.json and looks something like this:

  "id": 374,
  "pdf": "data/2015-06/P(1)0000054.pdf",
  "image": "images/374.png",
  "text": "Join us because we care. Black matters.\n",
  "url": "",
  "impressions": 137,
  "clicks": 0,
  "spend": {
    "amount": "44.87",
    "currency": "RUB"
  "created": "2015-06-10T02:59:53-07:00",
  "ended": "2015-06-15T03:42:51-07:00",
  "targeting": {
    "location": {
      "united_states": [
        "Baltimore (+20 km) Maryland",
        "St. Louis (+20 km) Missouri"
    "excluded_connections": [
      "Exclude people who like Black Matters"
    "age": [
      "18 - 65+"
    "language": [
      "English (UK)",
      "English (US)"
    "placements": [
      "News Feed on desktop computers",
      "News Feed on mobile devices"

In addition a cropped image of the supplied post will be included in the site/images directory, which is linked from the JSON object using the .image property.


Here are the steps for downloading the original data and generating the extracted metadata yourself. This could be useful if you want to tweak the extraction process.

Install Tesseract

You will need to install the Tesseract OCR engine, which should be as easy as:

brew install tesseract

For Linux, Windows, and more please check out the install instructions.

Get the Data

% git clone
% cd irads/data
% wget -i urls.txt
% for f in `ls *.zip`; do unzip $f; done

Extract the Images and OCR

The PDFs contain multiple pages each with an embedded image. The first page is typically a page of metadata, and the second is a screencap of a Facebook post of some kind. walks across all the PDFs, extracts images, and also text for each and writes them out right next to the PDF files.

% cd .. 
% pip install -r requirements.txt
% ./

This can take a while, so examine extract.log to see what's going on.

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