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GIF Screenshots of everybody's #portfolio-website
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GIF Screenshots of everybody's #portfolio-websites on github

sister website:
(#personal-websites version)

How to add my portfolio?

  • Add topic #portfolio-websites or #personal-website in your repository.
  • Add portfolio url in your repository, or your repository name is
  • Please wait till next crawling.


Skillset calculation formula

  1. exacts 'language' and 'size' from
  2. excludes forked repositories.
  3. put date_point(1-100) according to last pushed dates.(oldest is 1)
  4. put size_point(1-100) according to sizes.(smallest is 1)
  5. calc each repository point by date_point * size_point.
  6. sum repositories points according to the language.
  7. distribute 100 points according to language points.

Where is my gif?

  • Please check all information here and search your name. Feel free to create issue if you don't find.
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