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PGXN Client changes log
pgxnclient 1.0.2
- Correctly handle PostgreSQL identifiers to be quoted (ticket #10).
- Don't crash with a traceback if some external command is not found
(ticket #11).
pgxnclient 1.0.1
- Fixed simplejson dependency on Python 2.6 (ticket #8).
- Added ``pgxn help CMD`` as synonim for ``pgxn CMD --help`` (ticket #7).
- Fixed a few compatibility problems with Python 3.
pgxnclient 1.0
- Extensions to load/unload from a distribution can be specified on the
command line.
- ``pgxn help --libexec`` returns a single directory, possibly independent
from the client version.
pgxnclient 0.3
- ``pgxn`` script converted into a generic dispatcher in order to allow
additional commands to be implemented in external scripts and in any
- commands accept extension names too, not only specs.
- Added ``help`` command to get information about program and commands.
pgxnclient 0.2.1
- Lowercase search for distributions in the API (issue #3).
- Fixed handling of zip files not containing entries for the directory.
- More informative error messages when some item is not found on PGXN.
pgxnclient 0.2
- Dropped ``list`` command (use ``info --versions`` instead).
- Skip extension load/unload if the provided file is not sql.
pgxnclient 0.1a4
- The spec can point to a local file/directory for install.
- Read the sha1 from the ``META.json`` as it may be different from the one
in the ``dist.json``.
- Run sudo in the installation phase of the install command.
pgxn.client 0.1a3
- Fixed executable mode for scripts unpacked from the zip files.
- Added ``list`` and ``info`` commands.
pgxn.client 0.1a2
- Added database connection parameters for the ``check`` command.
pgxn.client 0.1a1
- Fist version released on PyPI.
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