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@janusko janusko released this Sep 13, 2018 · 129 commits to master since this release

User changes

  • context menu for recent files on the start page
  • recent files can be pinned on the startpage
  • new application settings dialog
  • new updates are being notified to user at the application startup
  • fonts are rendered with antialiasing in diagrams
  • menu items rearanged a bit
  • text hyperlinks in the about dialog contains tooltip with the destination url
  • nicer rendering of metamodel description in the new project dialog
  • diagram printing
  • select all characters in a first textbox after save in a properties dialog
  • simpler element addition from the project tree context menu
  • fullscreen can be closed by the alt-enter shortcut
  • fullscreen diagram takes bigger proportion of the screen
  • tabs can be closed by middle click
  • possibility to lock tab
  • online addon installation and updates directly from the UML .FRI gui
  • addons cannot be installed from a file
  • addons installed from the gui can be uninstalled too
  • nicer layout for simple property dialog without tabs
  • metamodel config dialog
  • checking for value changes on tab switch in the properties dialog is more
    user friendly

UML changes

  • new object diagram in UML addon
  • package element has been tided up a bit
  • testing use case diagram removed from the infjavauml metamodel

Power user changes

  • recent files config format has been changed
  • frip2 file contains mimetype identifier and save version as a plaintext files
  • moved to VisualStudio 2017 on the Windows platform

Metamodel changes

  • project templates can have name translated in a metamodel definition
  • support for true/false/null literals in ufl expressions
  • new format for project templates in a metamodel
  • diagrams can be marked as opened or even locked in a project template
  • new variable metadata access operator in ufl expressions
  • item name in the ForEach component is mandatory
  • index attribute for ForEach component is not allowed anymore, use metadata
    access operator instead
  • new object metadata access operator in ufl expressions
  • logical and arithmetic operators in ufl expressions
  • support for if-then-else component
  • new iterator access operator
  • Table component is checked for having only rows or only columns defined
    as its children
  • more ufl types (int, decimal) are supported by properties dialog
  • metamodel can contain as many definition files as needed
  • new ufl macro system, macros cannot be defined by a metamodel creator for now
  • Color and Font enums available in ufl expressions, their items have color
    type and font type respectively
  • division by zero yields inf/nan in ufl expression
  • better type checking on ufl expression return value
  • non-expanded box children are non-resizable by default
  • lambda expression support in ufl expression

Plugin API changes

  • nicer documentation formatting
  • AddonStarter renamed to PluginStarter as it is not needed to start all addon


  • toolbox is disabled on start page
  • selected connection takes preference when performing mouse actions on
    drawing area (even if it is not on top of all other objects)
  • toolbox widget is working properly on mac os
  • fixed problems with incorrect detection of changes on elements/connections/
    diagrams when edited by a user
  • fixed problem with doubleclicking on the zoomed diagram (issue #1)
  • painting zoomed diagram is not leaving artifacts at the diagram sides
  • instructions to install UML .FRI on mac have been updated
  • same element (identity) connections fixed (i.e. issue #2)
  • redraw element visual representation when the child node was changed if
    needed (for example for packages)
  • non resizable element is resized to a minimum size, when its properties
    are changed
  • fixed arrow and rectangle rounds rotations in element/connection rendering
  • fixed sub-diagram menu on a element
  • correct resizing of non-resizable elements
  • recent files config encoding set to utf-8 to enable unicode file paths
  • Line component detects correctly its orientation if no orientation is given
  • Boolean constants in metamodel has to be defined by true/false keywords only
  • Removed circular cache dependency in the ElementVisual class
  • Fixed problems with toolbox rendering on Mac Os X platform
  • All types with the exception of image type can be included in a snippet
  • Metamodel version is being checked on project loading
  • Incorrect element/connection/diagram attributes in a project file are ignored
    on a project load
  • Fixed editing/loading/saving ulf list type with immutable item type
  • fixed problems with adding existing ufl object to the list (i.e. by
  • inverting a color works correctly
  • Color's attributes (r, g, b, and a) are accessible for color type only
  • fixed incorrect parsing of rgb color string
  • fixed HBox and VBox children size computation when one or more children are
    marked as expanded
  • fixed exception on closing properties dialog opened from properties widget
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