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@janjanech janjanech released this
· 27 commits to master since this release
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User changes

  • context help buttons removed from dialog windows, as it was not functional
  • toolbox size can be reduced by user
  • closing properties dialog when some data was modified causes showing the confirmation dialog (issue #4)
  • possibility to move items up/down in lists in properties dialog
  • errors in UML .FRI are reported to developers using
  • top-right-side icon for selected element to simplify drawing connections
  • current diagram action can be canceled using esc key
  • full screen mode can be closed using gui button too
  • export/copy as image dialog options are saed to the application config file

UML changes

  • double french-quotes in attribute stereotype fixed

Power user changes

  • binary Windows version uses Python 3.7

Metamodel changes

  • support for ufl macros with lambda function argument
  • generic types support for ufl macros
  • new built-in macros for use in ufl expressions:
    • iter->all(...)
    • iter->any(...)
    • iter->order_by(...)
    • iter->reduce(...)
    • iter->select(...)
    • iter->where()
    • nullable->default(...)
    • nullable->iterate()
    • str->empty()
    • str->has_text()
  • automatic ufl expression casts to boolean are disabled as they no longer needed
  • dot (.) operator for nullables and iterables in ufl expressions
  • better support for nullables in metamodel

Plugin API changes

  • exceptions are supported in public api
  • PartNotFound exception is rised from public api metamodel part getters, when the part is not found


  • new version notification is no longer showed twice
  • qt version for about dialog is detected at runtime
  • decimal literals are correctly handled in ufl expressions
  • python builtins disabled when compiling ufl expression
  • correct error report for errors in ufl expressions
  • logical operators can be written using textual representation (gt, lt, ge, le, eq, ne, and, or) to make it easier to be written in xml
  • copying transparent images to clipboard works in most applications on windows too
  • fixed problem with duplicating elements in the same diagram (issue #3)
  • correct behavior of element resizing when the mouse cursor is moved out of diagram
  • resize element action is no longer added to undo menu, when resize operation was started by a user but element was not really resized
  • fixed incompatibilities for python 3.7
  • element is correctly removed from selection, when it is removed from associated diagram
  • full screen window is no longer closed randomly
  • dont try to open full screen window when alt-enter is pressed on a start page