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SHELL := /bin/sh
FONTFORGE := fontforge
MF := mf-nowin -progname=mf -interaction nonstopmode -halt-on-error
MFTOPT1 := mf2pt1
GFTODVI := gftodvi
T1TESTPAGE := t1testpage
PSTOPDF := pstopdf
PYTHON := python2.7
LATEX := latex -interaction nonstopmode -halt-on-error
PDFLATEX := pdflatex -interaction nonstopmode -halt-on-error
LUALATEX := lualatex -interaction nonstopmode -halt-on-error
DVIPS := dvips
RM := rm -rf
TAR := gtar --owner=root --group=root --mode='a+r'
ZIP := zip
MKDIR := mkdir -p
INSTALL := install
ifneq (,$(findstring install,$(MAKECMDGOALS)))
TEXMFDIR := $(shell kpsewhich -expand-var='$$TEXMFHOME')
pkg := fdsymbol
font := FdSymbol
names := A B C D E F
weights := Book Regular Medium Bold
tempdir := temp
sourcedir := source
scriptdir := scripts
fontdir := fonts
encdir := dvips
testdir := test
latexdir := latex
outdirs := $(fontdir) $(testdir)
# Need DVIPSHEADERS for older versions of dvips
texvars := TEXINPUTS=$(latexdir): ENCFONTS=$(encdir): TFMFONTS=$(fontdir): T1FONTS=$(fontdir): DVIPSHEADERS=$(fontdir):
latex := $(texvars) $(LATEX)
pdflatex := $(texvars) $(PDFLATEX)
lualatex := $(texvars) $(LUALATEX)
dvips := $(texvars) $(DVIPS)
# $(call lc,text)
lc = $(subst A,a,$(subst B,b,$(subst C,c,$(subst D,d,$(subst E,e,$(subst F,f,$(subst G,g,$(subst H,h,$(subst I,i,$(subst J,j,$(subst K,k,$(subst L,l,$(subst M,m,$(subst N,n,$(subst O,o,$(subst P,p,$(subst Q,q,$(subst R,r,$(subst S,s,$(subst T,t,$(subst U,u,$(subst V,v,$(subst W,w,$(subst X,x,$(subst Y,y,$(subst Z,z,$1))))))))))))))))))))))))))
depfiles := $(names:%=$(font)%.dep)
encfiles := $(foreach i,$(names),$(encdir)/$(pkg)-$(call lc,$i).enc)
mapfile := $(encdir)/$(pkg).map
fonts := $(foreach i,$(names),$(weights:%=$(font)$(i)-%))
tfmfiles := $(fonts:%=$(fontdir)/%.tfm)
sfdfiles := $(fonts:%=$(fontdir)/%.sfd)
pfbfiles := $(fonts:%=$(fontdir)/%.pfb)
otffiles := $(weights:%=$(fontdir)/$(font)-%.otf)
logfiles := $(fonts:%=$(fontdir)/%.log)
gffiles := $(fonts:%=$(testdir)/%.2602gf)
prooffiles := $(fonts:%=$(testdir)/%.dvi)
chartfiles := $(fonts:%=$(testdir)/%.pdf)
srcfiles := $(fonts:%=$(sourcedir)/ $(names:%=$(sourcedir)/$(font) $(addprefix $(sourcedir)/,
latexfiles := $(addprefix $(latexdir)/,$(pkg).ins $(pkg).dtx $(pkg).sty $(pkg).pdf)
tempfiles := $(addprefix $(latexdir)/,$(pkg).aux $(pkg).log $(pkg).out $(pkg).toc $(pkg).hd)
# create output directories
ifeq (,$(findstring clean,$(MAKECMDGOALS)))
create-dirs := $(shell $(MKDIR) $(outdirs))
# macro for generating font-specific rules
# $(call fontrule,weight)
define fontrule
.PHONY: $1
$1: $(fontdir)/$(font)-$1.otf
$(fontdir)/$(font)-$1.otf: $(foreach i,$(names),$(fontdir)/$(font)$i-$1.sfd)
.PHONY: $1-proofs
$1-proofs: $(filter %-$1.dvi,$(prooffiles))
.PHONY: $1-charts
$1-charts: $(filter %-$1.pdf,$(chartfiles))
# default rule
.PHONY: all
all: texfonts opentype latex $(mapfile)
# rules for building Makefiles with additional dependencies
$(depfiles): %.dep: $(sourcedir)/
@echo "$(weights:%=$(fontdir)/$*-%.tfm) $(weights:%=$(testdir)/$*-%.2602gf) $@: $< $$($(PYTHON) $(scriptdir)/ $<)" > $@
@echo "$(weights:%=$(fontdir)/$*-%.sfd): | $< $$($(PYTHON) $(scriptdir)/ $<)" > $@
@echo "$(weights:%=$(fontdir)/$*-%.sfd): | $(encdir)/$$(echo $* | sed 's/$(font)/$(pkg)-/' | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]).enc" >> $@
# rules for building Postscript fonts and TeX metrics
.PHONY: ffsources
ffsources: $(sfdfiles)
.PHONY: texfonts
texfonts: $(pfbfiles) $(tfmfiles)
$(foreach weight,$(weights),$(eval $(call fontrule,$(weight))))
$(sfdfiles): $(fontdir)/%.sfd: | $(sourcedir)/
$(MKDIR) $(tempdir)
cd $(tempdir) && $(MFTOPT1) --encoding=$(abspath $(filter %.enc,$|)) --ffscript=$(abspath $(scriptdir)/ $(abspath $<) && cp $*.sfd $(abspath $@)
$(pfbfiles): $(fontdir)/%.pfb: $(fontdir)/%.sfd
$(FONTFORGE) -lang=ff -c 'Open("$<"); Generate("$@", "", 0); Quit(0)'
$(tfmfiles): $(fontdir)/%.tfm: source/
cd $(fontdir) && MFINPUTS=$(abspath source) $(MF) '\mode=nullmode; input $*'
ifneq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),clean)
-include $(depfiles)
# rules for building OpenType fonts
.PHONY: opentype
opentype: $(otffiles)
$(otffiles): $(sourcedir)/features.fea
$(PYTHON) $(scriptdir)/ -f $< $(filter %.sfd,$^) $@
# rules for building the mapfile
for i in $(names); do \
n=$$(echo $$i | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]); \
for weight in $(weights); do \
echo "$(font)$$i-$${weight} $(font)$$i-$${weight} <$(font)$$i-$${weight}.pfb" >> $@; \
done; \
# rules for building the LaTeX package
.PHONY: latex
latex: $(latexdir)/$(pkg).sty
$(latexdir)/$(pkg).sty $(latexdir)/test-$(pkg).tex: $(latexdir)/$(pkg).ins $(latexdir)/$(pkg).dtx
$(LATEX) -output-directory $(latexdir) $<
# rules for testing the build
.PHONY: test
test: all $(latexdir)/test-$(pkg).tex
@echo "Testing pdflatex..."
$(pdflatex) -output-directory $(testdir) "\pdfmapfile{$(mapfile)}\input{test-$(pkg)}"
@echo ""
@echo "Testing latex+dvips..."
$(latex) -output-directory $(testdir) "\input{test-$(pkg)}"
$(dvips) -u $(mapfile) $(testdir)/test-$(pkg).dvi -o $(testdir)/test-$(pkg).ps
@echo ""
@echo "Testing lualatex..."
$(lualatex) -output-directory $(testdir) -jobname test-$(pkg)-luatex "\directlua{pdf.mapfile('$(mapfile)')}\input{test-$(pkg)}"
# rules for rebuilding the documentation
.PHONY: doc
doc: $(latexdir)/$(pkg).pdf
$(latexdir)/$(pkg).pdf: $(latexdir)/$(pkg).dtx $(mapfile)
$(texvars) $(PDFLATEX) -output-directory $(latexdir) "\pdfmapfile{+$(mapfile)}\input{$(pkg).dtx}" && \
(while grep -s 'Rerun to get' $(latexdir)/$(pkg).log; do \
$(texvars) $(PDFLATEX) -output-directory $(latexdir) "\pdfmapfile{+$(mapfile)}\input{$(pkg).dtx}"; \
# rules for building a TDS zip file
.PHONY: tds
tds: $(pkg)
$(pkg) $(pfbfiles) $(otffiles) $(tfmfiles) $(mapfile) $(encfiles) $(srcfiles) $(latexfiles) FONTLOG.txt OFL.txt
$(MAKE) install TEXMFDIR:=tds.tmp
(cd tds.tmp && $(ZIP) -r - *) > $@
$(RM) tds.tmp
# rules for building a tarball for CTAN
.PHONY: dist
dist: $(pkg).tar.gz
$(pkg).tar.gz: $(pkg) README.ctan $(pfbfiles) $(otffiles) $(tfmfiles) $(mapfile) $(encfiles) $(srcfiles) $(latexdir)/$(pkg).ins $(latexdir)/$(pkg).dtx $(latexdir)/$(pkg).pdf FONTLOG.txt OFL.txt
$(TAR) -c - z --transform 's,^,$(pkg)/,g' --transform 's,README\.ctan,README,' --transform 's,$(latexdir)/,,' --transform 's,$(sourcedir)/,source/,' --transform 's,$(fontdir)/\(.*\.otf\),\1,' --transform 's,$(fontdir)/\(.*\.tfm\),tfm/\1,' --transform 's,$(fontdir)/\(.*\.pfb\),type1/\1,' --transform 's,$(encdir)/,dvips/,' --transform 's,$(pkg)/$(pkg),$(pkg),' $^ > $@
# rules for building proofs and charts
.PHONY: proofs
proofs: $(prooffiles)
$(gffiles): $(testdir)/%.2602gf: $(sourcedir)/
cd $(testdir) && MFINPUTS=$(abspath source) $(MF) '\mode=proofmofe; nodisplays; input $*'
$(prooffiles): $(testdir)/%.dvi: $(testdir)/%.2602gf
cd $(testdir) && $(GFTODVI) $*
.PHONY: charts
charts: $(chartfiles)
$(chartfiles): $(testdir)/%.pdf: $(fontdir)/%.pfb
$(T1TESTPAGE) $< | $(PSTOPDF) -i -o $@
# rule for validating the generated Postscript fonts
.PHONY: check
check: $(sfdfiles)
@echo "Validating fonts..."
@for file in $(sfdfiles); do \
if [ -e $$file ]; then \
$(FONTFORGE) -script $(scriptdir)/ $$file 2> /dev/null; \
fi; \
# rules for (un)installing everything
.PHONY: install
install: all
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/type1/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(pfbfiles) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/type1/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/opentype/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(otffiles) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/opentype/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/tfm/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(tfmfiles) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/tfm/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/source/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(srcfiles) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/source/public/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/map/dvips/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(mapfile) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/map/dvips/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/enc/dvips/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(encfiles) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/enc/dvips/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/tex/latex/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(latexdir)/$(pkg).sty $(TEXMFDIR)/tex/latex/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/fonts/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) FONTLOG.txt OFL.txt $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/fonts/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/latex/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(latexdir)/$(pkg).pdf $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/latex/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDIR) $(TEXMFDIR)/source/latex/$(pkg)
$(INSTALLDATA) $(latexdir)/$(pkg).ins $(latexdir)/$(pkg).dtx $(TEXMFDIR)/source/latex/$(pkg)
.PHONY: uninstall
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/type1/public/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/opentype/public/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/tfm/public/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/source/public/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/map/dvips/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/fonts/enc/dvips/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/tex/latex/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/latex/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/doc/fonts/$(pkg)
$(RM) $(TEXMFDIR)/source/latex/$(pkg)
# rules for cleaning the source tree
.PHONY: clean
$(RM) $(otffiles) $(pfbfiles) $(tfmfiles) $(logfiles)
$(RM) $(tempdir) $(testdir)
$(RM) $(depfiles)
$(RM) $(mapfile) $(latexdir)/$(pkg).sty $(latexdir)/test-$(pkg).tex $(pkg) $(pkg).tar.gz
$(RM) $(tempfiles)
.PHONY: maintainer-clean
maintainer-clean: clean
$(RM) $(fontdir)
# delete files on error