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a Slack bot to intercept and moderate phishing attempts in cryptocurrency or ICO channels
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A Slack bot that monitors and automatically removes messages that match a set of given regex patterns (Ethereum addresses and links by default, but you can extend this easily yourself). Set this up in your cryptocurrency or ICO Slack instance to automatically moderate potential phishing or scamming attempts.

What the default configuration looks like An example of what the default configuration looks like

Requirements: It is recommend that you are running NodeJS 8+ and NPM 5+

Deploying via Heroku

You can quickly deploy phishbert using Heroku and keep it running by upgrading to their $7/mo "Hobby" plan following deployment. Do not try to run the bot on the Free Dyno plan, it will sleep after 30 minutes and stop working.


Deploying manually to your own server


First clone the repo: git clone

Then install dependencies: npm install


  1. Create a "phishbert" user on your Slack team and give the user admin permissions. This needs to be a regular Slack account associated with an email address, it can not be a bot account (they don't have delete permissions)

  2. While logged-in with this user account, visit and generate a token for your account/Slack instance and copy it to your clipboard

  3. Duplicate the env.example file in the repo and paste in the API token you just generated as the TOKEN= value. Rename your edited env.example file to .env

  4. (Optional) Customize the concatenated regular expressions using PATTERN and, whether you want to warn users using WARN_USER and the warning message string using WARNING in the .env file

Important: For phishbert to read and delete messages, it must be added to the channels you wish to moderate. Make sure to add your new phishbert user to all the channels you want it to monitor.

A default profile photo for phishbert is included in the repo if you'd like to use it. Feel free to name/brand your moderator bot whatever you'd like though 👍


Fire up phishbert using: node index.js

In a production environment, you will likely want to daemonize this process using something like PM2 or Forever to keep it running in the background.

To do so, simply install Forever globally with npm install forever -g and then daemonize the script using forever start index.js from the repo directory. This will keep phishbert alive even if an error occurs. You can monitor your Forever process using forever list


There are plenty of optimizations and features that would be great, some ideas for new contributions:

  • Improved regex patterns to cover more potential phishing vectors
  • Logging and auto-banning of repeat offenders
  • Tracking tools for team admins
  • GUI for enabling/disabling regex rules simply

If you want to contribute, pull requests are appreciated!! 😃

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