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[No longer maintained] A handy Chrome extension to automatically extract a CSV of all Uber trip history
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IMPORTANT: This extension is no longer maintained

Unfortunately, due to Uber redesigning their website to use a new framework (React) and making it near impossible to reliably scrape this extension no longer functions. If you wish to download your Uber trip data, you can try using their full account export option linked here. Thank you to everyone who used the extension over the years and for your valuable feedback. I wish I could continue developing this extension, but Uber have simply made it too difficult.

Uber Data Extractor - Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extension version of the Uber Data Extractor bookmarklet, found at:

This extension is required due to Uber enforcing a Content Security Policy (CSP) on their website, breaking the bookmarklet functionality as it is unable to inject the necessary scripts.

How To Use

You can install the extension with a single click from the Chrome Web Store:

Alternatively, if you'd like to manually install in Chrome:

  1. Download the unpackaged app in zip format, and extract the directory to your machine:

  2. Visit the Chrome "Extensions" page and check the Developers Mode box

  3. Click "Load unpackaged extension..." and select the directory your just extracted to

You should see a map icon appear in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. To use the extension, simply visit and then click the map icon once. Exercise a little patience as this might take a while. Once the pages are scraped, a CSV file will automatically be downloaded by your browser.

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