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Umple is a model-oriented programming technology that makes certain modeling abstractions available to software developers.

For developers who want to model or program systems with Umple

Umple can be used as a modeling tool to build UML models, a programming tool to program in a more abstract way, a code generation tool for creating high quality code from UML models, or all three at the same time.

The following links will help you get started.

  • To get going quickly: First familiarize youself with Umple using UmpleOnline. Load the examples and see UML models rendered diagrammatically and textually. Then generate code in Java, PHP, and Ruby, or else generate various other data formats such as Ecore models

  • Read the Umple Philosophy and Vision

  • Browse the Umple User manual

  • Look at a wide variety of Umple Examples

  • Understand the best practices for modeling or programming in Umple

  • View the Umple home page

  • To Download Umple: visit the downloads page

  • Try writing and compiling some Umple code on the command line.

  • To get started developing a significant project in Eclipse: Install the Eclipse plugin

  • Read our tutorials

For Educators and Researchers

For Umple developers or open-source contributors

  • Read everything above aimed at modelers and programmers of Umple, and use Umple to model and program a few examples.

  • Read about the best practices for contributing to Umple

  • Setup your environment: New Developer Setup

  • Bookmark the Cheat Sheet

  • Check the Umple Web Shortcuts and Subdomains

  • See the complete set of wiki pages aimed at contributors by looking at the sidebar on the right.

  • See the Issues List or the subset for which we require contributors

  • Learn how to perform test driven development, by editing the tests, building to get a failed test, then editing the code, and building to see the tests now pass.

  • Once you have made changes, learn how to deploy. You initially won't have authority to do all the steps, but you should understand the process.

  • See our Development Tutorials

UCOSP CheatSheet

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