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Umple Frequently asked questions list

This page contains answers to questions that people have asked frequently. Many answers to this should point to other wiki pages.

  1. What is the simplest way to try out Umple?
  1. Where can I download Umple for the command line
  1. Where can I get the Umple Eclipse plugin?
  1. What is Umple, in a nutshell?
  • A tool for generating software systems from models. Models can be written textually. Code in any supported language can be embedded in the models, so developers have only one set of textual files has to be maintained.
  1. Where is the user manual?
  1. What platforms does Umple run on?
  • The compiler runs on any platform that runs a JVM. It can be run in Eclipse, on the command line or the web. Macintosh, Linux and Windows are supported
  1. What programming languages does Umple support?
  • Java (completely), PhP for most aspects, C++ for many aspects (although still in beta), Ruby for some aspects. Umple allows embedding of these languages, and generates them. A model can have algorithms or actions in one or more programming language.
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