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The following is a list of issues to be worked on by UCOSP students

When you take on one of these issues, please:

  • Assign it to yourself (or ask a committer to do so)
  • Write about it in your log page (as you start the issue, analyse what is needed and complete it)
  • Include the issue number in any patch filename or commit log entry
  • Update the issue with details as you progress (you can simply include a pointer to your log).

Key issues list

The following gives the list of issues suggested to be suitable for UCOSP. Pick an 'easy' issue first, then tackle one that is less easy.


Other issues of the deeper kind after you have tackled an easier issue:


An issue to build examples https://github.com/umple/umple/issues/97

Much more extensively comment the code. https://github.com/umple/umple/issues/99

In addition

Comment, comment, comment: Whenever you find something confusing, figure it out and add a succinct comment.

Maintain the wiki pages and user manual as needed.

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