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Each UCOSP participant is asked to log all the steps they take as they make progress through the semester. This includes difficulties they faced (getting set up, understanding how to model in Umple, using UmpleOnline, code that is difficult to figure out, and development tools that are hard to figure out, or don't seem to work properly). The more log entries added the more we can better get a grip on the usability issues with Umple, and the more we can help future new contributors come up to speed.

Please record entries in reverse chronological order

Log Entries

Week March 26 -- March 30

This week is mostly spent on trying to trigger error causing _relatedSpecialization tamplates and fix them.

Week March 19 -- March 23

Monday: Resolved conflicts in PR#1239

Tuesday: Created issue#1245 and worked on it.

Wednesday: Worked on PR#1246 and fixed failing tests.

Thursday: Discussed with Dr.Lethbridge over the issues encountered in the past weeks, reach an conclusion of how to resolve the errors caused by previous PR's.

Friday: Implemented the previous conclusion and refactored source code of Umple to pass the tests for PR#1243.

Week March 12 -- March 16

Monday: Removed some outdated testcases, and written new testcases. Submitted pull request #1236.

Tuesday: Based on the previous change, worked on the case b) of issue 988.

Wednesday: Finished case b) of issue988 and testing, together with previous unmerged changes, submitted pull request #1237

Thursday: Found a new bug Issue 1238 during working on 988, fixed it with PR 1239.

Week March 5 -- March 9

Monday -- Tuesday: Located where the associations are analyzed.

Wednesday: Located where the new check code should be inserted. Started coding the new check method.

Thursday: Finished coding, however, encountered an concurrent modification exception, later resolved.

Friday: Refactored the old code of UmpleClass class so that umple can be compiled under the new association rules.

Week Feb 26 - March 4

Monday -- Friday: Trying to figure out how associations in umple file are parsed.

Week Feb 19 - Feb 25

Monday - Tuesday: Applying the change of adder function to the templates, it turns out that lots of files needs modifying.

Wednesday: Finished applying the boundcheck methods to some templates, but get stuck with some expected behaviours of some non-trivial associations.

Thursday: Investigating the possibility of reducing the volume of generated code.

Friday: Stuck with the problem of association with inheritance. There are some confusions on which cases should be errors, which cases results in additional association and in which cases there is no new variables.

Week Jan 5 - Feb 11

Monday: Figured out the mechanism of CodeInjection.

Tuesday: Continuing working on Issue#988. Fixing more cases of "_relatedSpecialization".

Week Jan 29 - Feb 4

Wednesday: Investigating Umple's user manual on "Templates".

Thursday: Fixed the case mentioned in Issue#988, writing tests for the issue.

Friday: Found that the same problem mentioned in Issue#988 actually exists in all cases with inheritance. Trying to write test cases and fix all of them.

**Saturday -- Sunday: ** Started working on the setters, but was stuck at investigating the CodeInjection mechanism.

Week Jan 22 - 28

Monday -- Friday: Reading the code and looking for the code generator for attribute accessor in derived class, but very little progress.

Week Jan15 - 21

Monday: Located the causing modules of issue #1011.

Tuesday: Identified the change of behavior regarding issue #1011, updated the issue information.

Friday: Fixed issue #1011

Saturday: Fixed issue #949

Sunday: Assigned myself issue #988

Week Jan8 - 14

Monday: Meeting with Dr.Lethbridge, had a walkthrough of umple, and had a full build of umple.

Tuesday: Assigned myself issue #1011 as the first task.

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