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Each UCOSP participant is asked to log all their accomplishments as well as the difficulties they have getting set up to understand Umple and other experiences they have. Difficulties might include understanding how to model in Umple, using UmpleOnline, code that is difficult to figure out, and development tools that are hard to figure out, or don't seem to work properly. The more log entries added the more we can better get a grip on the usability issues with Umple, and the more we can help future new contributors come up to speed.

Log entries in reverse chronological order

May 8 2014

Added Umple iPad App description in here https://github.com/charlesmwang/Umple-iPad-App/wiki/Umple
Created a new issue for the iPad App (Issue 554 (on Google Code))

May 6 2014

Added the ability to edit and add methods and attributes to new class and existing class

May 5 2014

Added the ability to add new class to the diagram

May 4 2014

Checked Issue 544 (on Google Code) and found out that the "use" keyword was crashing the parser.

iPad App
Improved "animation" performance of the association line.
The previous method was taking so much memory.
The new method significantly reduced the memory usage.
Made it integrate well with scroll view.

April 24 & 25 2014

Worked on Umple iPad App


April 22 2014

Tested that my fix in Issue 503 (on Google Code) resolved Issue 520 (on Google Code) and Issue 320 (on Google Code) .
Found out that the example listed in Issue 450 (on Google Code) worked.
Added an example that Issue 450 (on Google Code) would fail.

April 19,20,21 2014

Worked on implementing the fix for Issue 503 (on Google Code) inside the cruise.umple src folder.
Modified the UmpleSync_Code.ump as well as other files. Added a functionality to parse umple code from string object, rather than file object. I first split the UmpleCode to main code and layout code. Used umple parser to extract class names in the main code. Stored the classes in a HashMap. Compared that with the layout code in the other function. Then I tested the code manually by executing java command - calling umplesync.jar from shell. It worked nicely. However, on UmpleOnline, the issue still existed. Then, checked the problem by printing each line in the umple code inside cruise.umple. Found out the json sent was invalid. Checked the json and saw the

URL_SPLIT was included (Issue 542 (on Google Code)). After removing it, everything worked nicely. Then checked to see that what would happen if I revert the files I modified in cruise.umple. Then, it still worked. Also, modified the umple_association.js file since it cause UmpleOnline to cause an infinite load time. Submitted a patch for Issue 503 (on Google Code).

April 18 2014

Attempting to fix Issue 503 (on Google Code) in server-side. Had some compilation error due to my files, however fixed but downloading a new project. Had initial trouble for umple_sync.jar file not reflecting my changes. Realized that extra ant built command (packageJars) was necessary to compile the code to jar file for umple_sync.jar file.

ant -Dmyenv=local -f build/build.umple.xml umpleSelf compile packageMainJar packageJars

April 17 2014

Fixed Issue 541 (on Google Code) and sent a patch.

April 14 2014

Proceeded with a client-side fix for Issue 503 (on Google Code).

April 13 2014

Tim sent a reply about the patch not working for example, accident. Tested my code with the accident example and it deleted the class. Tried to debug the problem by printing classes in the diagram and matching them with the umple code, but cannot find the problem.

April 12 2014

Found the code location to insert my code. Performed test by creating a class, moving it, and renaming it. My code deleted the extra class automatically. Submitted patch.

April 10 2014

Trying to use regex to extract classes in the umple code and compare that to the diagram view.
Made the fix temporarily using a keyboard shortcut (debugging).

April 9 2014

Investigated UmpleSync_Code and Generator_CodeUmple to see if Issue 503 (on Google Code) is solvable.

March 29 2014 - April 6 2014

Visited Europe for Spring Break.

March 27 2014

Fixed bugs in previous implemented method, however if association is included, the umple online will freeze.

March 26 2014

Investigated Issue 503 (on Google Code). Implemented a poor way to fix the issue by comparing the umple code and the layout code. Deleted the previous class name. The issue was that when renaming the class name, it did not rename the class name in the layout editor and the old class was not deleted.

March 20 2014

Submitted Issue 527 (on Google Code) with some bug fixes

March 19 2014

Submitted Patch for Issue 49 (on Google Code)
Worked on Issue 527 (on Google Code) and implemented restoring saved preferences

March 18 2014

Implemented all keyboard shortcuts in Issue 49 (on Google Code)
Might considering making a separate javascript file just for keyboard shortcuts
Attempted to update the jQuery version as well as jQuery UI files one by one, but no success
CodeMirror needs to be updated as well

March 16 2014

Investigated possible issues that togetherjs does not work with Umple
  • jQuery version conflict
  • Umple Online does not support websocket

Error from console:
Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'on'
The on method is in the newer jQuery version. When the new jQuery version is loaded into umple online, togetherjs works, however, the umple page collapse.

March 12 2014

Implemented some shortcuts in Issue 49 (on Google Code) Shift+Arrow
Tested togetherjs for collaboration.
Cannot get it working right.

March 7 2014

Investigated Issue 503 (on Google Code)

March 6 2014

Created an issue that allows user to restore its previous umple online session.

March 5 2014

Created a patch for Issue 515 (on Google Code).
The reason of the bug is described in the issue 515 (on Google Code) page.
Implemented and testing session restore using cookies.
In the cookie I am storing the filename as well as its expiration.
The umple online page will display a link next to the bookmark link.

March 3 2014

Added a wiki page for debugging tools in web development.
https://code.google.com/p/umple/wiki/DebuggingInWebDevelopment Went through my semester plan with my Professor.
Creating session restore functionality using filestorage.
The data will be stored in client side.

Feb 28 2014

Submitted Patch for Issue 49 (on Google Code) that includes new shortcuts and added shortcut help text next to the class, association, generalization, undo, and redo.

Feb 27, 2014

First thought it was a client side issue, but further investigated it and found that it was a server-side issue.

When we add a list or a comparator, the client calls editClass and editAssociation.
When the editAssociation is called, the umpleCode attached is blank.
However, I set breakpoint and found that the editClass returns a blank umple code.
I verified this by creating and editing/dragging the class and it returned a nonblank umple code.
Checked the compile.php and found the line that calls the editClass in UmpleSync.jar.
In the source file, the file is UmpleSync_Code.ump.
The section that is causing the disappearance I think is in editAction.
I think the UmpleSync.jar cannot read the attribute:type:list properly.

Feb 26 2014

Found (thought) the Issue 515 (on Google Code) was a client-side issue. When we add a list or a comparator, the client calls editClass and editAssociation.
When the editAssociation is called, the umpleCode attached is blank. The result of the editAssociation erases the content in the code editor.

Feb 21 2014

Added new shortcuts to Issue 49 (on Google Code).

'c' - Add new class
'a' - Add new association
'g' - Add new generalization
'ctrl-z/cmd+z' - undo
'ctrl+y/cmd+shift+z' - redo
Using mousetrap to hand multikey shortcuts.
http://craig.is/killing/mice Testing the shortcuts.

Feb 14 2014

Created a delete shortcut for Umple Online for Issue 49 (on Google Code)
Initially had trouble with it because when editing the model in the textfield, the model gets deleted.
Workaround of this issue was using jQuery to find elements in the nested tree for an input.
If input was not found, delete the class diagram.
Sent a patch and waiting for approval

Found a bug in Umple Online - Issue 515 (on Google Code)

Investigated Issue 204 (on Google Code)
Now can drag class diagram for touchscreen device.
Problem is that it can only drag the newest generated class model.
Will work on improving this one.
For the touch, I am using hammer.js

Feb 13 2014

Investigated Issue 49 (on Google Code)

Feb 9 2014

Code Sprint Day 3
Found a bug in Umple Online - Issue 503 (on Google Code)

Feb 8 2014

Code Sprint Day 2
Created a patch for Issue 89 (on Google Code)

Feb 7 2014

Code Sprint Day 1
Successfully Installed Umple
Investigated Issue 450 (on Google Code)
Investigated integrating Umple with cloud9

Feb 5 2014

Miguel Garzon created this initial entry for Charles. Welcome abroad!

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