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Each UCOSP participant is asked to log all their accomplishments as well as the difficulties they have getting set up to understand Umple and other experiences they have. Difficulties might include understanding how to model in Umple, using UmpleOnline, code that is difficult to figure out, and development tools that are hard to figure out, or don't seem to work properly. The more log entries added the more we can better get a grip on the usability issues with Umple, and the more we can help future new contributors come up to speed.

Issues related to me

Issues related to Tyler McConnell

Log entries in reverse chronological order

April 24 2014

  • Sent Miguel a patch containing my changes for issue 530 (on Google Code) for him to look at
  • Updated issue 512 (on Google Code) with comment regarding solution
  • Updated issue 530 (on Google Code) with notes regarding future issue to be created once 530 is complete
  • Uploaded poster created for Poster Fair at WLU to slideshare. Can be found here.

Final Summary

  • Almost fixed issue 530 (on Google Code), but tests still failing and can't find solution. Sent Miguel a patch with my work.
    • Once issue 530 (on Google Code) is closed,
      • Another issue should be created to clean up all of the places where the new warning from issue 530 (on Google Code) is produced
      • Issue 523 (on Google Code) should be checked to see if it is still a problem, and either: dismissed as fixed, or worked on
  • Looked extensively at issue 523 (on Google Code). Should be solved once issue 530 (on Google Code) is fixed
  • Looked extensively at issue 512 (on Google Code). Should be solvable in a similar way to issue 530 (on Google Code) or issue 505 (on Google Code)
  • Completed issue 460 (on Google Code), issue 507 (on Google Code), issue 509 (on Google Code)
  • Read Kent Beck's TDD book and learned a lot more about the development technique
  • Created both a slideshow and a poster related to TDD and the Umple project
  • Contributed to Umple-Dev mailing list when appropriate
  • Posted several issues and included as much information regarding the issues as I could
  • Attended weekly update meetings whenever possible
  • Attended Facebook Code Sprint weekend

April 23 2014

  • Continued troubleshooting problems with unit tests failing for changes related to issue 530 (on Google Code)

April 22 2014

  • Posted slide show presentation regarding TDD and Umple on slideshare
    • Can be found at this link
  • Updated UmpleArchitectureTestingView wiki page to include reference to slide show
  • Worked more on fixing problems with code related to issue 530 (on Google Code)
    • Warnings not being properly returned from the parseResults even though I can see that the code to produce the warnings is working correctly during compilation.

April 21 2014

  • Updated DevelopmentSetUp wiki page to remove reference of velocity jar requirement in cruise.umple project
  • Chatted with Andrew regarding issues 512 and 530. Andrew gave some advice for how to attack both issues
  • Committed revision r3915 (on Google Code) in relation to work to be completed in issue 530 (on Google Code)
  • Made all changes required for issue 530 (on Google Code), but running into problems with failing unit tests.

April 18 2014

  • Attempted to find consistent use case to reproduce issue 539 (on Google Code), but was unsuccessful.
  • Updated the comments for issue 539 (on Google Code) to include a reference to the Umple-Dev mailing list thread discussing the same issue
    • This way there is traceability to the original discussion regarding the issue, and contributors can now see the issue occurring through the YouTube videos in the thread.

April 15 2014

  • Regarding issue 530 (on Google Code) - looked at UmpleInternalParser class to find place where check to see if any methods have names which conflict with derived attributes should exist.
    • Haven't figured out best spot to put this check yet
    • Needs to happen once metamodel is fully populated

April 11 2014

  • Created issue 539 (on Google Code) regarding Umple Online behaviour where cursor changes position and text is sometimes removed
  • Updated issue 530 (on Google Code) with expected behaviour as per conversation with Andrew and Miguel

April 10 2014

  • Worked on issue 512 (on Google Code) and issue 530 (on Google Code)

April 4 2014

  • Changed title for issue 530 (on Google Code)

April 3 2014

  • Started looking at issue 512 (on Google Code) again

April 1 2014

  • Worked on creating slides from poster
    • Need to add technical examples

Mar 28 2014

  • Attended WLU Science Poster Fair and displayed poster, answered spectators' questions

Mar 20 2014

  • Finished reading Kent Beck's TDD: By Example
  • Created poster to be displayed at WLU Science Poster Fair as part of academic requirements for course credit

Mar 14 2014

  • Started experiencing strange behaviour in Umple Online and created a post in Umple-Dev mailing list related to it.
  • Found specific example of Umple code which reproduces the issue that is blocking issue 523 (on Google Code)
    • Posted new issue 530 (on Google Code) with code example
    • Updated issue 523 (on Google Code) so it is marked as blocked by issue 530 (on Google Code)
  • Started looking at issue 512 (on Google Code)

Mar 13 2014

  • Continued working on issue 523 (on Google Code) using Andrew's help to investigate the root cause.

Mar 6 2014

Worked on issue 523 (on Google Code); in particular, started investigating why class CodeBlock and all subclasses become abstract when getCode() method with no parameters is changed to a derived attribute.

Mar 4 2014

Summary of Accomplishments

  • Successfully configured development environment
  • Attended Code Sprint at Facebook headquarters in California
    • Fixed issue 460 (on Google Code)
    • Fixed issue 507 (on Google Code)
    • Gained commit status on the Umple project
  • Started reading Kent Beck's book "Test-Driven Development: By Example" in an effort to apply the lessons learned to the Umple project
  • Fixed issue 509 (on Google Code)
    • Found and posted issue 523 (on Google Code)
  • Reviewed issues from bugs.umple.org to find ones which would be interesting to work on for the remainder of the semester
  • Authored and updated term plan document

Feb 28 2014

  • Continued working on issue 509 (on Google Code) - in particular, trying to refactor getCode in CodeBlock
    • Ran into problem I couldn't solve while refactoring so requested help on issue comment thread
    • Split refactoring of getCode method in CodeBlock into issue 523 (on Google Code)
  • Started investigating other issues to determine what bug I should work on next

Feb 27 2014

  • Updated term plan document with more content, including list of possible issues to work on for remainder of semester
  • Issue 509 (on Google Code)
    • Finished coding and testing for refactoring getCode method in Constraint into derived attribute
    • Tried refactoring getCode method in CodeBlock into derived attribute, but ran into compilation problems. Could this be related to the fact that getCode is overloaded in CodeBlock?

Feb 20 2014

  • Finished term plan document, which I will send to Tim, Andrew, and Miguel
    • Continued looking at and recording issues from the bug tracker I believe I can tackle during the remainder of the semester
  • Worked more on issue 509 (on Google Code) - posted new comment in this issue asking about the getCode method in Constraint's parent class, CodeBlock

Feb 17 2014

  • Continued working on the document outlining my plan for the rest of the semester
  • Continued reading Kent Beck's "TDD: By Example" book
  • Updated the Development Set Up wiki page to include information about adding the velocity-1.7-dep.jar library to the cruise.umple project's build path.

Feb 13 2014

  • Started working on a document outlining my planned work for the rest of the semester, including how to successfully meet my objectives and how I will evaluate my success.
  • Updated development environment so I can commit to the project.
  • Started working on issue 509 (on Google Code).

Feb 11 2014

Spent several hours reading Kent Beck's book "Test-Driven Development: By Example" as per Andrew's suggestion.

Feb 9 2014

Code Sprint - Day 3

Completed work for issue 507 (on Google Code) in the morning. Created a patch for this issue and submitted it to the Umple-Dev group.

Feb 8 2014

Code Sprint - Day 2

Worked on issue 460 (on Google Code) for the majority of the day. Came up with fix after getting help from Andrew. Was running into a problem related to a unit test failing (see post here). Created a patch and sent it to the Umple-Dev group for Andrew to review.

Feb 7 2014

Code Sprint - Day 1

Ran into dev environment problems when trying to compile the code base. When calling 'svn update' in the trunk, my revision number would report as 499, instead of the correct 34xx. Fixed this problem by deleting the project and checking out a new version.

Feb 6 2014

Started looking at UmpleOnline code during the flight to California.

Jan 31 2014

Successfully setup local copy of UmpleOnline. Started looking at issues to work on to gain commit privileges - interested in issue 316 (on Google Code), but have a couple of questions regarding the issue.

  1. Is a button in the options section the best way to allow users to change the width of the text pane? What about having the ability to click and drag the right edge of the pane in order to resize its width?
  2. Based on my limited use, it seems like the sizing of the canvas pane and the text pane should be independent of each other, but it is currently not. Clicking the "Smaller" and "Larger" buttons in the options modifies both the canvas pane as well as the text pane (e.g., the text pane will decrease in width as the canvas pane increases in size). I cannot find any current issues related to this. Was this intended behaviour?

From a usability point of view, I feel that the panes from the UmpleOnline tool should function as follows. Note that some of my suggestions are already implemented.

  • UmpleOnline should take up the entire browser window when the tool is first loaded. The size of each pane should be determined based on the current browser windows size.
  • The centre pane should remain a constant width
  • Users should be able to resize the text pane in a simple way, like by clicking and dragging the right edge of the pane as suggested above.
  • Resizing the canvas pane should not affect the size of any other panes.
  • The text pane should have a minimum width and should wrap text appropriately. No horizontal scroll bar should be shown in the text pane.
  • The canvas pane should display both horizontal and vertical scroll bars when needed
  • The window itself should display both horizontal and vertical scroll bars when needed.

I also think it would be interesting to explore the idea of being able to collapse either the text pane or the canvas pane temporarily. This could provide users with more screen real estate for the the pane they are more interested in.

Jan 24 2014

Ran into problems setting up development environment on Linux Mint - Eclipse would continuously crash and Googling for solutions provided no help. Switched to Ubuntu and was able to complete dev environment setup. Successfully built Umple on the command line and ran all tests within Eclipse. Started working on getting local copy of UmpleOnline running.

Jan 17 2014

Over the past week and a half, I've been working on both setting up my development environment and learning more about Umple and its uses. I've briefly played around with Umple using the live demo online, and have looked through a few of the sections of the wiki for more information. I've worked through the developer environment setup instructions without issue and can compile Umple code from both the command line and within Eclipse. I've also reached out to my friends Joel Hobson and Christopher Hogan, who have both worked on the Umple project in the past, to seek their insights into the Umple project and to see if they have any tips for me.

Jan 6 2014

Andrew Forward created this initial entry for Tyler

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