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Umple Grammar
Grammar To Define Umple
<p>Below is the complete grammar for Umple . This page is generated automatically from the grammar used to parse Umple code.</p>
<li><font color="blue">Rules are in blue</font>. You may click on a usage of a rule (underlined and in [[ ]]) anywhere in this manual in order to see the definition.
<li><font color="red">Terminal symbols are in red</font>. These keywords and symbols that are key to Umple's syntax.
<li><font color="green">Identifiers are in green</font> and are surrounded by [ ]. These are places where you can supply a sequence of alphanumeric characters to name a class, attribute or some other entity.
<li><font color="#AAAA22">Arbitrary input is in yellowish green</font> and surrounded by [** ]. Umple ignores everything until it finds the symbol that terminates the input. This is used for comments and to embed code in a language like Java or PhP. Umple will pass this text to the parser of the underlying language.
<li><font color="brown">Comments about the grammar itself are in brown</font> and preceded by //
<li>symbols controlling how the grammar is parsed are in black.
<li>* means zero or more
<li>| means 'or'
<li>? means optional
<li>Other black items are of interest only to experts
<p>Refer to the <a href="GrammarNotation.html">Grammar Notation section</a> for more explanation of the EBNF syntax used here.</p>