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Copyright: All contributers to the Umple Project
This file is made available subject to the open source license found at:
This is the Umple master files that calls all other Umple files. By compiling this file,
Umple will regenerate all Java files.
The following instructs the system to inject comments on every class point to the source
generate Java "../src-gen-umple";
strictness allow 1006; // Don't worry about extra code that is not pure Umple
strictness allow 1007;
strictness allow 1008;
strictness allow 46; // For now don't worry about special attribute types
strictness allow 36; // don't worry about multiplicity of directed associations
strictness allow 170; // allow custom constructors
use Documenter.ump;
use Generator.ump;
use Json.ump;
use Parser.ump;
use StateMachine.ump;
use Umlet.ump;
use Umple.ump;
use Trace.ump;
use Structure.ump;
use Template.ump;
use UmpleDiagram.ump;
use UmpleExceptions.ump;
use util/UmpleHelper.ump;
use UmpleParser.ump;
use UmpleAnalysis.ump;
use UmpleInternalParser.ump;
use UmpleXtextParser.ump;
use UmpleSync.ump;
use Violet.ump;
use Vml.ump;
use UmpleImport.ump;
//use Plugin.ump;
use Main_Code.ump;
use UmpleStats_Code.ump;
use util/Util_Code.ump;
use util/Ant.ump;
use Builder_Code.ump;
use GraphWalking.ump;